The US Military Saves Money in Both Shipping and Storage of Bottled Water with Filtrine Mobile Bottle Filling Stations


US Military


Camp Lemonnier (Djibouti, Africa) & Various Other Locations Worldwide


The waste and unnecessary costs associated with disposable bottled water is even greater for many branches of the military who need to operate in remote locations around the globe. To combat these rising costs, the United States Navy (and later the United States Air Force) decided to seek new alternatives for keeping their soldiers hydrated. The primary concerns were durability, mobility, and safety.

The global presence of the United States military forces often requires them to operate in extreme environments. Equipment must be designed to handle many conditions, including; dust, sand, wind, rain, high-ambient, and corrosive humidity. As with any other necessity of life, serving safe drinking water is considered mission critical, and equipment failures (even in extreme conditions) are not an option.

Mobility is also paramount for overseas military operations, as requirements and locations can change at a moment’s notice. Any equipment must be designed for maximum portability, both over short distances (in a temporary location), and for long-range transport.

Obviously, safety of drinking water for our troops is a huge concern as ground water conditions vary greatly. All water must be treated for particulates, bacteria, and viruses before being served.

Because of Filtrine’s history of selling durable long lasting drinking water fountains to the US military (every drinking fountain in the Pentagon is a Filtrine fountain), military personnel came to Filtrine for a mobile drinking water solution.


In order to address the primary concerns (durability, portability, and safety) of the US military branches, Filtrine designed the INDESTRUCT Model MFS mobile water bottle filling stations. Military procurement officers can chose the MFS-25, MFS-50, MFS-100 and the MFS-125. For Camp Lemonnier, the US Navy selected the MFS-50 that serves 480 troops and the MFS-100 that serves 768 troops (in both typical usage and peak demand times). All the models are “all-in-one” solutions that purify, chill, store, and dispense safe drinking water from a single unit. Along with an all stainless steel cabinet, the unit is designed to function in high-ambient conditions topping 110°F.

The mobile drinking water filling station is most commonly mounted directly to a tow-able trailer for easy short-range mobility around a temporary housing unit or camp. The compact assembly is also easily loaded into a container for long-range shipping. This was particularly attractive to the US Navy who could move the equipment quickly from the ship to the military base. The needs of a particular location can vary greatly, so it had to be capable of serving a lot of individuals in a very short period of time if necessary. The storage of the INDESTRUCT Model MFS-50 is 50 gallons and the INDESTRUCT Model MFS-100 holds 100 gallons of chilled/purified water at all times. Each mobile bottle filling station is equipped with either a particulate filter (for sediment only), or a particulate/purifier (for particulate, bacteria/viruses, and chlorine taste/odor). These options ensure the safety of the drinking water dispensed and serve to protect the internal components of the chiller from corrosion.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Models MFS-50, MFS-100 mobile drinking water bottle filling stations

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