Maine Artist Influenced by Local Themes Incorporates Filtrine Drinking Fountains in His Art


Maine Arts Commission


Kennebunk, ME and Cumberland, ME


In the early 1980’s, Maine’s legislature voted to devote 1% of funds designated for public building construction to commissioning art installations. The goal was to make “public spaces more appealing, useful or accessible through the incorporation of artworks.”  Roger Majorowicz, an internationally renowned sculptor and a Maine resident submitted a proposal that included a Filtrine dual drinking fountain to a ‘Percent for Art’ committee in the early 2000s. Majorowicz, an internationally known sculptor and a Maine resident, won the grant for his Millpond II sculpture for the Middle School of the Kennebunks. Based on that proposal, he subsequently won the commission for a similar piece at the Greeley Middle School.


Majorowicz, originally from South Dakota, was inspired by western themes and used found objects to create his sculptures.  Millpond II is a spectacular piece (10’H x 21’-10”W) that features gears, mirrors and Filtrine’s Model 107-16-HL high/low fountain in stainless steel. One of Majorowicz’ colleagues, Janet Redfield, remembers that, “Roger obtained a bunch of large, convex mirrors (maybe polished metal, not glass) and he used them because they flipped the image upside down as you approached the fountain and then back to right side up. “ The fountains are so well integrated into the artwork, it’s hard to distinguish one from the other. He selected the ADA compliant “Soft Touch” stainless steel button valve for both fountains.

The second installation was equally dramatic though not quite as large (11’H x 15’-7”W). The installation features a single Filtrine stainless steel fountain, Model 107-16. Majorowicz named the installation Millpond III and it was installed at the Greely Middle School in 2004. The metal structure behind the fountain is reminiscent of large vertebrae with sharp peaks perhaps inspired by whalebones or the profile of the Maine landscape.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Model 107-16-HL high/low fountain and Model 107-16, #4 satin finish stainless steel 

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