For Bakeries Consistent Cooling is the Key




Utica, NY


DeIorio’s, a leader in the frozen dough industry, manufactures bread, rolls, pizza dough and topped pizza. They serve all different outlets from pizza shops to schools, institutions and theme parks. To keep to their goal of state of the art manufacturing, they contacted Filtrine to build a batch draw bakery chiller to supply their multiple ingredient mixers.

Filtrine’s unique storage-type design provides consistent 34°F [1.1°C] water without fear of freeze-up for ingredient mixing and has been providing ingredient water chillers, jacketed mixer chillers and combination coolers for mixers since the 1940’s for the food industry.


DeIorio’s specifications included water usage of 1,900 lbs per hour and desired water temperature of 34°F with makeup water of 80°F. Filtrine suggested the Model PB-1500W (W – Water cooled) for DeIorio’s food processing with a water-cooled condenser. The chiller comes with a 15 HP compressor and a 2 HP stainless steel centrifugal pump that supplies 40 gpm @ 45 psi. The pump is mounted on rubber pads over a stainless steel condensation tray and includes an on/off switch, flow switch, make-up water solenoid valve and bypass for agitation. All the piping is insulated with closed cell thermo-elastomer that has an R factor of 3.7. Filtrine’s ingredient water chillers feature a welded stainless steel cooling tank that provides storage for batch draw operation without temperature swing.

DeIorio’s continued to expand even through the most recent recession, adding a second shift. When asked why, they said that a pizza is considered an affordable full meal for a family so business was booming. They ordered a second Filtrine chiller, this one even larger. The Model PB-2000W is constructed similarly to the PB-1500W but provides a lot more capacity with a 20 HP compressor and a 3 HP centrifugal pump.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

PB-1500W, PB-2000W

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