Filtrine PB-1000 Batch Draw Chiller

With 10 HP Compressor, 1-1/2 HP Pump, 180 gal Storage Capacity


Filtine's unique batch draw storage-type design provides consistent 34°F [1.1°C] water without fear of freeze-up for ingredient mixing. It is built for applications where a large volume of water is required intermittently. When water is drawn off, a solenoid valve shuts off the makeup water, preventing mixing of warm and chilled water. This ensures a uniform batch temperature from first batch to last.

Also available is Filtrine's continuous, stainless steel, coil-in-bath heat exchanger, which is steam cleanable and ideal for cooling viscous liquids. Filtrine's batch-draw chillers can be used for general food and other processing applications such as pharmaceuticals.


Compressors: Life-time lubricated welded hermetic type compressor.

Condensers: A, fan cooled condenser for indoor installation; W, water cooled condenser for hookup to city or tower water.

Rating Conditions:
Water Discharge Temperature: 34oF [1oC]
Ambient Temperature: 90oF [32oC]

Tank Capacity (Gal): 180 [684 ltr]
Compressor Motor (HP): 10
Circulating Pump (HP): 1-1/2
Cabinet: White enameled aluminum panels with stainless steel corner legs and top, mount on floor or wall
Cabinet Dimensions (in): 116W x 39D x 72H (A); 116W x 35D x 70H (AR, W)
Shipping Weight (lbs): 3800 [1723 kg]


Water Purification: Add a Taste Master® Model IL5-PFTM purifier and/or in-line Steri Flo® Model S5 UV Sterilizer for purifying the makeup water.