Filtrine Acts to Decrease Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Refrigerants in Its Chillers

Filtrine has a history of a focus on sustainability. Using eco-friendly refrigerants in its chillers is one area that is highly effective in reducing the impact on the environment.

Beginning in early 2016, Filtrine began to transition towards significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants while also increasing energy efficiency of its chillers. As it did under the Montreal Protocol to protect the earth’s ozone layer, Filtrine is quick to respond to concerns about Climate Change by using the most environment-friendly refrigerants available.

Many of our chiller models have for years been using hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants, R404A or R134a which have zero ozone depletion potential. However, new refrigerants have recently been developed that have all of the advantages of these refrigerants but much lower GWP.

Depending on the application, Filtrine chillers that used R404a will now use either R407c (55% lower GWP) or R448a (67% lower GWP). Chillers that used R134a will now come with R513a which has a 55% lower GWP. At the same time, there is little or no loss in efficiency. In some cases, the efficiency improves by as much as 10%.

For more information on the eco-friendly refrigerants, fill out the General Inquiry Form or contact your local Filtrine Representative.

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Filtrine Plant Rooftop Solar Array

Solar Array Expansion Offsets Filtrine’s Entire Electric Load

With the recent expansion of its rooftop solar array, Filtrine Manufacturing Company now powers its entire operation with solar energy. The 793.1-kilowatt array installed this fall includes 2,234 solar panels and generates over 900 megawatt hours of solar electricity per year.

Filtrine Energy Contract - 100% Renewable Energy Sources

Filtrine’s Electricity Contract is Made up of 100% Renewable Energy

During the winter months Filtrine has to pull from the electrical grid so Filtrine signed up with Constellation, an Exelon Company. Constellation is providing NewMix® Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) to Filtrine. Each REC represents 1 megawatt (MWh) of renewable energy which can be paired with electricity.

Filtrine Froling Energy Wood Chip Boiler

Filtrine Reduces Its Use of Fossil Fuel by 90% with a Froling Wood Chip Boiler

Filtrine Manufacturing Company announced the installation of a new Viessman Pyrot model KRT-300 wood chip boiler by Froling Energy of Peterborough, NH in November 2017. Filtrine’s conventional oil boiler serves as a backup during the coldest days of the year. A large wood chip silo was constructed next to Filtrine’s building to provide easy access for the wood chip deliveries that are transported by a blower truck.

Filtrine Level 2 EV Charging Station at Front of Building

Filtrine’s Level 2 EV Charging Station is Open to Employees and the Community

The 793KW solar array on Filtrine’s roof produces more electricity than Filtrine could possibly use when the sun is shining. Rather than put all of that energy back on the grid, Filtrine installed a Level 2 EV charging station in front of Filtrine’s headquarters for electric vehicles (EVs). The Level 2 EV station provides 10-20 mile driving range for one hour of charging.