Keene, NH – Filtrine Manufacturing Company announced the installation of a new Viessman Pyrot model KRT-300 wood chip boiler by Froling Energy of Keene, NH in November 2017. Filtrine’s conventional oil boiler serves as a backup during the coldest days of the year. A large wood chip silo was constructed next to Filtrine’s building to provide easy access for the wood chip deliveries that are transported by a blower truck. An automatic feeder system sends the wood chips directly to the boiler. Filtrine is one of three manufacturing companies in New Hampshire heating with a Froling wood chip boiler.

Peter Hansel (President at the time, now Chairman of the Board) started investing in ways to conserve energy in its 100,000 square foot plant about 10 years ago. He says “Starting with the low hanging fruit, we replaced all our light fixtures with high-efficiency T-8 fluorescent bulbs and electronic ballasts in 2008, added 2 inches of roof insulation in 2009, a solar hot-water system for our test facility in 2010, and installed a 30 KWP solar array on the roof in 2013. We are saving substantial energy, lowering our electric utility costs by more than 50% and reducing our carbon footprint.” But with a large production facility, he was still facing high oil heating costs during the cold New Hampshire winters. In 2016, he applied for a Renewable Energy Fund (REF) grant of $150,000 from New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to help pay for the cost of a Biomass Thermal heating system at Filtrine’s plant and was one of six grant recipients in 2017.

Filtrine selected Froling Energy of Keene, NH because they are local and have years of experience installing large scale biomass boiler systems throughout New Hampshire and New England.

Filtrine’s boiler is fueled by Froling’s own Precision Dry Wood Chips (PDCs) that are screened and dried in Keene, NH (using a Froling PDC boiler) down to 25% moisture content to burn most efficiently. The wood is sourced from sustainably harvested trees that are felled and chipped in southwestern New Hampshire forests.

Filtrine is reducing its fossil fuel usage by more than 90% while supporting a local company, using their renewable fuel source and contributing to jobs in the region.

View the Froling Energy Filtrine Project Profile. Download the Froling Energy Filtrine Project Report.

Founded in 1901, Filtrine Manufacturing Company is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of custom-built high-quality application-specific liquid chillers for industrial and medical processes, including explosion-proof, high and low ambient models; stainless steel and bronze drinking water fountains; bottle fillers; drinking water chillers; water purification and filtration systems. Filtrine® products are engineered and built with pride in the USA, and offers the best warranties in the business. Its brands include Taste Master®, Steri Flo®, and INDESTRUCT™. Filtrine is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Froling Energy is a full service Biomass contractor, serving New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and New York. They work with owners, engineers and architects to design, install and commission Biomass Heating Projects for educational, institutional, commercial, and industrial clients.