Service Makes the Difference!

Onsite expert and quick service is available on a 8/5 or 24/7 basis for all Filtrine chillers and heat exchangers. While the Service Contract coverage is very popular for medical chillers, your industrial process chiller application may also require maximum uptime. Visit Service Contracts or fill out the Contact Service Form below for more information. You can also call 800-930-3367 and ask for the Service Contract department.

Have Questions about Filtrine Service Agents?

Filtrine service agents are located throughout North America. If you are looking for a service agent, fill out Filtrine’s Contact Service Form below. Or call 800-930-3367 and ask for service.

If you want to become a Filtrine service agent, call 800-930-3367 and ask for Carol Powley. Or fill out the Service Agent Application Form.

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