Each Filtrine Heater/Chiller is Customized to Your Process Application

Heater/Chiller Features

Wide Temperature Range Heating and cooling
Instantly SwitchesFrom hot to cold and back again
Maintains Constant Liquid TemperaturesUnder varying heating or cooling loads
 Dial-A-Temp ControlCools liquids at high temperatures from 0°F [ -17°C] to 350°F [ 177°C]

Add a Heater/Chiller Option to Your Filtrine Chiller PCP, POC or PC Model

Filtrine In-line Heater (ILH) Option

1. Filtrine In-Line Heater (ILH) Option

Maintains constant outlet temperature under varying heating and chilling loads. Thermostat senses liquid temperature and calls for cooling when above set point and heating when below set point.

Outlet Temperature Range: 0°F [-18°C] to 90°F [32°C]

Typical Applications

  • Cool or heat city water as necessary to maintain constant, year round, 68°F [20°C] wash water for photo processing.
  • Warm up machine tool coolant to optimum operating temperature for start up, and then cool it to maintain that temperature during operation.
  • Cool or heat liquid from an outdoor storage container to optimum makeup temperature.
Filtrine Heat/Cool (H/C) Option

2. Filtrine Heat/Cool (H/C) Option

Switches instantly from hot to cold and back. Heating and cooling tanks are controlled by their own thermostats. The fluid in each is continuously agitated to maintain close temperature control. A 3-way selector switch operates four solenoid valves to permit the flow of liquid through either the heater or chiller as required.

Outlet Temperature Range: Heats to 250°F [121°C] and cools from 90°F [32°C] to 0°F [-18°C]

Typical Applications

  • For vacuum coating, heat up work piece for coating then quickly cool it down for handling.
  • Product testing with quick and extreme coolant temperature changes.
Filtrine Mixed Hot & Cold (MHC) Option

3. Filtrine Mixed Hot and Cold (MHC) Option

Complete dial-a-temp control over a wide temperature range. Outlet temperature will follow the set point control up or down as it is changed. Heating and cooling tanks are controlled by their own thermostats set at extremes of temperature range desired. Temperature controller operates a mixing valve that blends hot and cold fluid to produce desired outlet temperature.

Outlet Temperature Range: 0°F [-18°C] to 200°F [93°C]

Typical Applications

  • Ramp heating and cooling of electronic components for precise computer monitored testing.
Bath Coil Heater/Chiller (BHC) Option

4. Filtrine Bath Coil Heater/Chiller (BHC) Option

Extremely wide range heater/chiller. Ideal for cooling fluids at high temperatures. Temperature control is accomplished in a heating/cooling tank. When the controller calls for cooling solenoid valves are actuated and cold fluid is circulated from the chiller tank and through the cooling coil. When the controller calls for heating, the circulation of cold fluid stops and the heater is activated.

Outlet Temperature Range: 20°F [-7°C] to 350°F [177°C]

Typical Applications

  • Heat up a device to optimum process temperature, then cool it to maintain that temperature during the process, then cool it down for handling.

“There are many variations to the above four designs to suit specific applications. All heater/chillers can be built with any of the options available on standard Filtrine chillers.”

Turner Hansel, President, PC Division Manager

Filtrine Heater/Chiller Special Controllers

Set Point and IndicatingAnalog Set Point and Indicating Controller
Digital Set Point and Indicating Controller
OutputTime Proportioning Output to Heater
Adjustable Wide ON-OFF Differential
Multiple Output Options – for remote monitoring 0-5 VDC, 4-20mA, RS-232, RS435, and more…
Local/RemoteLocal-Remote Set Point – computer compatible
Local and Remote Readouts
Remote Control Panel – ready for installation separate from the heater/chiller