Filtrine Designs Each Chiller to Match the Customer’s Specifications

Filtrine works with equipment manufacturers, owners or engineers to ensure the chiller will provide the most efficient and effective equipment cooling in a package that also meets the site requirements.

Filtrine Process Chiller Configurations and How They Work

All Filtrine process chiller models are available in Closed Loop (PCP), Open Loop (POC) and One Pass (PC) configurations.

Filtrine PCP Closed Loop Chillers: The chiller pump pulls water through the chiller storage cooling tank (which provides close temperature control) and pushes it into the industrial process application. It recirculates the coolant at constant pressure and flow adjustable by a manual bypass valve. Because of its water saving features, this is Filtrine’s most popular chiller model.

Filtrine POC Open Loop Chillers: The chiller pump recirculates the water from an open pool or sump through the chiller and back. An adjustable thermostat senses the temperature of the make up liquid, cycling the chiller storage cooling tank to ensure a constant temperature.

Filtrine One-Pass PC Chillers: The water inlet provides the pressure and flow into the chiller before being added as an ingredient or fouled by the product it is cooling. A high transfer immersion coil evaporator supplies maximum capacity at any flow rate with no pressure drop. The storage cooling tank design provides close temperature control without short cycling.

Filtrine’s Advanced Process Chiller Engineering Features

  • Storage method of cooling with stainless steel chiller barrel and evaporator
  • Coolant circulation pump sized to provide the proper flow rate and pressure
  • Ambient temperature operating range from -30°F to 130°F
  • OSHPD approved designs for earthquake-prone sites
  • Worldwide power supply options

Filtrine Air-cooled Process Chiller Options at Glance

Air Cooled CondenserFan cooled condenser inside chiller housing – the most popular and can be installed indoors or outdoors. A
Remote Air Cooled CondenserFor roof installation, see Split System Chillers.AR
Remote Air Cooled Condenser/CompressorCuts down on noise inside, see Split System Chillers.ARC
Weather ProofFor outdoor installation.A-WP
Low ProfileReduced height available on many models (consult factory).LP

Filtrine Water-cooled Process Chiller Options at Glance

Water Cooled CondenserDesigned for hookup to city or tower or plant water and is for indoor installation only.W

For more information, download the Filtrine Process Liquid Chiller Guide.