Do You Have a Drinking Water or Process/Medical/Ingredient Chiller?

Our receptionist can help you determine what Filtrine equipment you are calling in reference to. She will be asking the following questions in order to direct you to the right department:

What type of equipment are you calling about, process/medical/ingredient chillers or drinking water chillers? If you aren’t sure, she then asks these questions:

  1. What is the job name, serial number or location of the unit?
  2. Do you have a Product ID label? The serial number can be found on the product label. Filtrine puts Product ID labels on all its chillers. If it is a large chiller, the labels can be found both inside and next to the electrical box. For the small chillers that sit under a drinking fountain, the ID label will be on the outside. See the photo in the top right corner of the page to see what the ID label looks like.
  3. If it’s a chiller, are there drinking fountains or bottle filling stations piped to it?
  4. What application is it cooling?

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