Store Hydrates Its Customers for an Enhanced Shopping Experience


Ted’s Shoe & Sport


Keene, NH


Ted’s Shoe & Sport store in downtown Keene sells shoes for both athletes and non-athletes alike. Ted’s is known for personalized service and customer care. The owner of Ted’s, promoting reusable water bottles, wanted to provide a way for shoppers to fill their water bottles in his store. He contacted Filtrine, which is located just down the road, to find out what which model would be most appropriate to serve chilled/purified drinking water.


Ted, collaborating with Filtrine, decided to order a sensor activated “Hands Free” Model B103 bottle filling station, optional bottle counter and a Model OCM-2 in-ceiling chiller with an optional Taste Master® water purifier. The bottle filling station is mounted to the wall and the OCM-2 chiller with the drinking water purifier is located in the ceiling above. The compact, packaged in-ceiling chiller is designed for fast installation and plug-in operation.

The stainless steel bottle filling station, which has multiple finish options, was painted with black powder coat to match the store interior. The Taste Master® Model TMS 5.0 micron purifier features stainless steel housing with an easy-to-change carbon block element. The carbon element meets the NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for removal of sediment down to 5 micron particles, organic tastes/odors and chlorine taste/odors.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine “Hands Free” Model B103 sensor activated bottle filling station with optional bottle counter, Model OCM-2 drinking water in-ceiling chiller, Taste Master Model TMS1-5.0 purifier with stainless steel housing and [3] 5.0 micron carbon block elements

For more information, contact your local drinking water sales representative.

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