Tiffany & Co and Filtrine – Working Together Since the 1960’s


Tiffany & Co


New York City headquarters and retail locations throughout the world


Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store in Manhattan is one of the New York City’s highest profile locations and a top tourist attraction. The granite and limestone building, with Art Deco influences and stainless steel doors, is adorned with a nine-foot bronzed figure of Atlas shouldering a clock. Since the mid-1960s, it has benefited from a central Filtrine Model ES-100-RFC drinking water chiller and purifier serving multiple Filtrine Model 107-14 stainless steel drinking water fountains. This Filtrine system is capable of serving water to over 1,700 people. At that time and still today, Filtrine offers the premier remote central drinking water chillers in the industry with capacities starting at 600 and topping out at 13,000 people.

Impressed with Filtrine’s durable equipment, good tasting water, and distinctive drinking fountain design, Tiffany’s engineers kept ordering more. The expansion of the company led to the establishment of Tiffany stores throughout the US and around the world. Tiffany’s designers of the satellite stores wished to maintain some of the aesthetic appeal of the flagship location to ensure brand unity and give a unique “Tiffany look” to their retail space. They selected the classic timeless single and high/low Filtrine Model 107-14s, and 107-16s fountains which go with almost any décor. In keeping with the goal of delivering fresh filtered drinking water of the main store, they also specified an array of remote central chillers, taking advantage of Filtrine’s multiple offerings of behind the wall, free standing, and ceiling chiller models.


Filtrine provided several different configurations of 107-14 and 107-16 fountains to accommodate the wide variety of Tiffany’s locations. These fountains and behind the scenes chiller/purifier models, while providing chilled purified drinking water, contributed to branding the retail space and provided a uniform interior and shopping experience in all company locations.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s Model 107-14 single drinking fountain; 107-14-TM drinking fountain with purifier and access panel; 107-14-HL double drinking fountain; 107-14-WC wheel chair accessible drinking fountain; 107-16 drinking fountain; 107-16-HL double drinking fountain;  ES-25-RFC,  ES-60-RFC and ES-100-RFC central chillers with purifiers; ES-2-RF-IW and ES-6-RF-IW in-wall chillers with purifiers for serving a single outlet; M-1-BW-A behind wall chiller with purifier; OCM-2 remote chiller with purifier for installation in an air plenum-return or ventilated ceiling; ES-2-RFC-FS and ES-4-RFC-FS free standing remote chillers with purifiers.

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