Fitness Club Builds LEED-certified Center and Promotes the Use of Reusable Water Bottles


Equinox Fitness Club


4905 Elm Street, Bethesda, MD


The designers and owners of the Equinox fitness clubs set out with the goal to build an environmentally sound (LEED-certified) fitness center that occupied three floors in the heart of downtown Bethesda. Along with sustainable cork flooring and “low flow” fixtures in the restrooms, the design team wanted to push the sustainable envelope with a drinking water solution that would promote the use of reusable bottles and provide a high quality water to gym members.


Seeing as sustainability and aesthetics were primary goals on this project, and the layout provided a centralized wet column through the middle of the space, it made sense to supply water to all three floors from a single ES-8-RFC-FS chiller/purifier in a mechanical room on the first floor. The ES-8-RFC-FS chiller was the most energy efficient option (as it served six outlets with a single compressor) and was directly in-line with the primary goals of the project. Along with being energy efficient, the ES-8-RFC-FS chiller made sure that all the water being served was refreshingly cool, without impurities, and devoid of any chlorine taste or odor.

In order to promote the use of reusable bottles, Filtrine also provided (6) 90-MOD single drinking fountains (2 per floor), with glass fillers in the rear cover plates. The fountains gave the members and staff the option to grab a quick drink through a traditional bubbler, or to refill their sport bottles with the glass filler. Each outlet also had a sign indicating that the fountain/glass filler was “serving filtered water” which further promoted use of the system.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s 90-MOD drinking water fountain w/ glass filler in rear cover plate and ES-8-RFC-FS Water Chiller/Purifier

For more information, contact your local drinking water sales representative.

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