Lab Avoids Contamination while Dispensing Drinking Water to Thirsty Workers


The New York Office of General Services (OGS)


Wadsworth Health Laboratory, Albany, NY


There was growing concern about the Wadsworth lab workers becoming contaminated while drinking water from a fountain when they were doing their research. The laboratory staff was used to decontamination procedures throughout the day, but they needed a way to get water without compromising their work, or requiring yet another decontamination.


The New York Office of General Services (OGS), who oversees the facility and has been working with Filtrine since the mid-1970s, asked Filtrine to design and manufacture a drinking fountain that could be operated without the risk of cross-contamination. Filtrine designed a foot-operated sensor activated “Hands Free” version of its fully recessed stainless steel Model 103 fountain which included an optional chiller and Taste Master® water purifier. The modified version is called a FCC-103-EE-MOD.

The workers could drink chilled, purified water by placing their foot over an infrared sensor on the floor and avoid placing their hands anywhere near the fixture. This ultimately lowered the number of required decontaminations while hydrating the staff, saving money and time, and increasing productivity for the entire lab. The design proved to be so successful, the OGS ended up ordering eight to be installed throughout their lab.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

[8] FCC-103-EE-MOD models which are a modified version of Filtrine’s fully recessed stainless steel Model 103 fountain. Each include a chiller and Taste Master water purifier. The touchless fountain bubbler is operated by a foot activated infrared sensor.

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