Chicago Plumbing Inspector Approves Bottle Filling Stations Only, in Office Buildings


Chicago Real Estate Development Company


155 North Wacker Drive Chicago, IL


This high-end, 48-story, office building in downtown Chicago was renovated in 2007. As seasoned developers, they were keenly aware of the expense and logistical pitfalls of bottled water in large office spaces. John Buck was looking to provide a space that had the future occupants’ best interest in mind, and wanted to include unique features that would attract more buyers/tenants. Another goal of the renovation was to bring the building in compliance with ADA guidelines and achieve LEED-CS Gold Status.


Filtrine developed the first In-wall bottle filling station and provided (81) B103-CD2 Filling Stations for the project (2 units per floor), with dispenser/disposal bins. Not only were these units an ADA compliant solution, but they were approved by the Chicago Plumbing inspector as a drinking fountain substitute. This was the first instance of a bottle filler being approved as a drinking fountain. The B103-CD2 units also gave the tenant space a unique quality that was used as a selling point by the developers. The selling agents were able to point out to perspective tenants that the space was equipped with bottle fillers to eliminate the need for disposable bottled water of any kind. This would save the occupants thousands of dollars in a short amount of time. 

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s (81) B103-CD2 Bottle Filling Stations w/ cup dispenser and disposal bin

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