Filtrine Model IM Industrial-strength Electric Water Coolers are Designed for Ships at Sea and Shipbuilding


US Navy, Newport News Shipbuilding and more


Hampton Roads, Virginia and Pascagoula, Mississippi


Shipbuilders around the world face tough climate conditions which impact the hydration of their workers such as high ambient temperatures and salty air. The Hampton Roads region in Virginia has both. It is the home of the US Navy’s Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries. While the naval shipyard focuses on repairing, overhauling and modernizing navy ships and submarines, the shipbuilding company concentrates on the construction of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines. 

Before the 1970’s, they would bring in large quantities of bottled water for their workers to drink. That became too expensive and inefficient so they ordered standard drinking water fountains. These light duty units proved not to be up to the task and didn’t last long. So the shipyard administration turned to Filtrine and its INDESTRUCT™ IM series of industrial-grade electrical water coolers.


Filtrine had been building its industrial strength electric water coolers for heavy industry for some time. After making a few modifications, the Model IM electric water cooler was ready for shipbuilding. Standard features include: a 16 gauge steel or stainless steel cabinet on heavy duty angle frame; an oversized stainless steel cooling tank to meet peak demands and reduce compressor wear; and a removable cooling package insert with built-in bypass to allow for repairs without interrupting water service. The shipyards selected the dual “Push Button” bubbler model which offers the savings of two coolers in one. They asked for options such as lifting eyes to rig the fountain for lifting from one level to the next as the ship is constructed, and jug fillers for large water containers. 

When the time came for the naval architects to specify electric water coolers for use onboard ship, they asked Filtrine to modify their INDESTRUCT Model MLA marine electric water cooler to meet strict military grade specifications. Filtrine designed the Model M-10-N to meet MIL-C-24166[C] by withstanding the shock test DWTNSR & DC and vibration test AERONAV. Since the late 70’s both shipyards continue to specify both types of electric water coolers and in 2008, Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi also started using Filtrine water coolers.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Models IM-7-AIM-14-AIM-25-A and M-10-N

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