Filtrine INDESTRUCT M-10-N Marine Military Electric Water Cooler

Built to Military Specs


Filtrine's free standing INDESTRUCT Model M-10-N Military Spec Marine Electric Water Cooler meets the MIL-C-24166[C] specifications. The cooler's rugged 18 ga stainless steel cabinet is the heaviest duty in the industry. It will withstand the shock test DWTNSR & DC and the vibration test AERONAV.

INDESTRUCT marine drinking water coolers have become the unit of choice for the world's largest navy fleets and shipbuilders. If the application requires water filtration, the Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier is an option. It removes lead, chlorine, other tastes and odors along with rust, dirt or sediment.

Select Your Configuration Options:


Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

There is only one finish available at this time. Contact for more information.


The Model M-10-N’s stainless steel top features a deep basin design to prevent spilling when cooler is inclined to to 15° in any direction. Specify either air cooled (optional dust stop filter is available), water cooled, or optional Cupro-Nickel condenser for sea water chilling. There is no pre-cooler to clog or collect bacteria. Full rated capacity is based on cooling efficiency without credit to the pre-cooler.

Large, chilled water storage assures plenty of cool water at all times, even during peak demand periods. Unique slide-in cooling package simplifies servicing and eliminates down time. The tank is made of stainless steel with a coil evaporator, tested for 125 psi working pressure. It is housed in a rust-proofed, vapor-proof aluminum container insulated with closed cell thermoelastomer. Options include corrosion protection, stand-by cooling package, gooseneck bottle filler and Taste Master water purifier.


Purifier: Optional Taste Master® TMS1-0.5 Water Purifier, housing is heavy duty stainless steel, the element is 0.5 micron with a biodegradable carbon block which removes lead, particulates, cysts, chlorine, organic odors and tastes

Standard Features: Refrigeration system is thermostatically controlled and includes dehydrator, vibration isolators, low temperature control, high-low pressure control all mounted on rail-type vibration eliminators with necessary wiring for automatic operation

Compressor Motor (HP) : 1/5

Cooling Capacity: 7.5 gph

Persons Served: 113

Supply Power: Special voltages, phases and cycles, specify to meet any electrical requirement

Tank Capacity (Gal): 1

Cabinet Dimensions (in): 15W x 15D x 38H

Shipping Weight (lbs): 95

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