Take a video tour of Filtrine’s company history wall located at the headquarters in Keene, New Hampshire.

Below is a sampling of Filtrine’s filtration, chiller and drinking water industry firsts.


Filtrine Water Filter

In 1901, inventor George Kneuper patented a new filter medium which used molecular attraction to remove microscopic particles from water. He named this material “Filtrine”.


Old Oaken Bucket Filter/Cooler

After the Hansel family took over Filtrine, the first filling station was born using the Filtrine K-System (named for George Kneuper’s filter design), purifying city water for office buildings and using ice for chilling.


Remote Type Filtrine Water Cooler

Filtrine invented the storage type electric cooling system. The storage design is still in use today, not only for drinking water but also industrial, medical and bakery processes.


Packaged Circulating Chilled Filtered Drinking Water System

Developed by Filtrine, the first factory packaged chilled water system provides a dedicated line of chilled filtered water circulated to all the drinking fountains in office buildings and institutions.


In-Wall Remote Drinking Water Cooler

Filtrine built the first in-wall remote drinking water cooler and called it WAL-PAK™. Located out of sight in the wall, this feature was much appreciated by architects.


Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

The first commercially available stainless steel drinking fountain, Model 101, was built by Filtrine. This material soon became the standard to replace porcelain drinking fountains across the US.


Mobile Water Cooler

First trailer mounted mobile water cooler with filter/dechlorinators that could be moved from place to place by truck was designed by Filtrine. It was built to operate in all weather conditions.


Bronze Drinking Fountain

Filtrine began building bronze drinking water fountains that are still unique in the industry today and installed in law offices, corporate headquarters, museums and churches around the world.


Vandal Proof Drinking Fountains

The first vandal proof, prank proof drinking fountains with special features were created by Filtrine for schools, prisons and other applications.


Timeless Elegance Collection

Filtrine introduced a new collection of fine drinking water fountains, including the marble fountain, to inspire architects. The drinking fountain became a feature of interior design rather than just a fixture.


Electric Water Cooler Lifetime Warranty

Filtrine bought the Larco brand from Century Brass Works and proceeded to redesign their electric water cooler models. Built to last for industrial applications, they were so durable they were covered by the first Lifetime Warranty (LTW) for electric water coolers.


No Fan Noiseless Drinking Water Chiller

The first no fan noiseless drinking water fountain chiller was developed by Filtrine. The quiet operation was welcomed by architects and engineers and became popular with building owners.


Medical Equipment Chillers

Filtrine began to design its chillers for specific medical equipment models such as MRIs, CT scanners, linear accelerators and more. Filtrine has partnered with Elekta, GE Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems, Philips Healthcare, Picker, Siemens, Varian and more.


Refrigerant Upgrade

Concerned about the impact to the environment, Filtrine changed its chiller refrigerant to HFC which has zero ozone depletion potential.


California Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (Osp) For Medical Equipment

Filtrine OSP medical chiller models have been PRE-approved for OSHPD Special Seismic Certification by the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development Facilities Development Division.


Sustainable Wooden Fountain

The Model 108-WD wooden drinking fountain was created with a circle of cherry wood around a bronze bowl.

Unique Historic Style Outdoor Dual Bottle Filling Station

Designed to be installed in historic squares, the Model B131-CP bottle filling station echoes the style of antique lampposts and monuments.


HFO Refrigerant For Chiller Operation

Filtrine changed its chiller refrigerant to HFO which in addition to zero ozone depletion potential also has up to 50% less GWP (Global Warming Potential).