Customize Filtrine Chilling Equipment to Your Requirements

See below for the extensive list of options, accessories and cabinet designs for Filtrine chillers. Download the Filtrine Chiller Options & Accessories sheet as a handy reference. Filtrine will build your chiller based on your cooling requirements and are designed to fit your space not the other way around.

Filtrine Chiller Options & Accessories

Filtrine’s chiller engineering features include:

Energy Saving Design: Filtrine’s chiller design features the storage-method of cooling. Each Filtrine chiller has a chiller barrel that consists of a stainless steel storage tank with an immersed stainless steel evaporator. The capacity of the storage tank and length of the evaporator are sized to meet the heat removal requirements of the application. This takes advantage of the fly-wheel effect of cooling where the energy is stored in the coolant to produce consistent, reliable outlet temperature. Unlike most process chillers, the Filtrine chiller’s refrigerant circuit only cycles on when the coolant temperature in the tank needs cooling. This saves energy over conventional cooling systems.

Complete Temperature Control: Temperature adjustable within a range of 40° to 90°F (5° to 32°C) and will hold temperature within ±1.5°F (.8°C) of setting. (±0.5°F optional). If the heat load from the application swings large amounts, the chiller will deliver the coolant at a consistent temperature.

Condenser Options: Filtrine chillers are offered with the integral air-cooled, integral water cooled condensers or remote air-cooled condensers.

Coolant Loop Options: Filtrine chillers serve closed loop (PCP), open loop (POC) and single pass (PC) applications.

HFO Refrigerant: Eliminates use of ozone-depleting and high GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant as per Montreal Protocol.

Welded Stainless Steel Cooling Tank: Recirculates clean coolant sealed from the atmosphere, eliminates bacterial build-up, evaporation and the need for feed tank. The tanks are designed with internal expansion space, so expansion tanks are not needed.

Filtrine’s chiller options include:


AB: BlowerB
Built into cabinet for ducting hot air out of building.
AR: Remote Air-Cooled CondenserB
Ready for remote installation outdoors or indoors.
ARC: Remote Air Cooled Condensing UnitB
Outdoor refrigeration system, indoor evaporator and pump only – saves indoor space, reduces noise, exhausts heat.
AS: Automatic Switchover
Auto switchover to city water in case of pump or compressor failure.
HA: Oversized CondenserB
For safe chiller operation in ambients over 100°F (38°C). Specify maximum ambient of 110°F (43°C) or 120°F (49°C).
W: Water Cooled CondenserB
For hookup to city water, tower water or plant chilled water.
110-120/1/60, 220-240/1/60, 220-240/1/50, 208-230/3/60, 200-240/3/50, 440-480/3/60, 380-420/3/50, 380/3/60, 575/60/3

DP: Dual PumpsB
Provide complete backup. Available with automatic switch over in case of failure.
OP/C: Optional Pump, CentrifugalB
Larger than normal centrifugal pump to provide higher head pressure and flow rates than standard.
OP/T: Optional Pump, Turbine
Turbine or gear pump to provide head pressures up to 200 psi with flow rates less than 20 gpm.

DUC: Two Refrigeration Units
Each handle 50% of the total cooling capacity. Other capacity splits available.
RED: Standby  Refrigeration
For critical applications where downtime can be extremely expensive. Failsafe design with 50% or 100% backup refrigeration and circulating system packaged within a single housing.
RED2: Two Refrigeration UnitsB
One active and one standby
RED3: Three Refrigeration Units
Two active and one standby
ADT: Ambient Driven ThermostatP
Senses the ambient air temperature and maintains the chilled water at a fixed differential (plus or minus) from that ambient.
CDT: Computer Driven ThermostatB
Solid state temperature controller with appropriate output to communicate with computers.
CTC: Close Temperature ControlB
Solid state temperature controller and hot gas bypass maintain liquid temperature at ±0.5°F (±0.3°C) of setting.
HGBP: Hot Gas Bypass
Allows compressor to run constantly without cycling. When thermostat is satisfied, liquid line solenoid closes causing the hot refrigerant gas to bypass through a regulating valve directly into the evaporator until the water temperature rises enough to reactivate the thermostat.
PLC: Programmable Logic ControllerB
Controls operation of refrigeration unit, circulation pump, fans and other accessories of Filtrine chillers. Compatible with most building monitoring systems. Available with optional touch screen display.
SST: Solid State ThermostatB
Temperature controller available with a variety of outputs to operate customers’ recording device or other communication functions. Controllers can also feature programming functions such as PD, PID, ramp/soak and deviation alarms.
DGT: Digital ThermometerB
Makeup and/or discharge temperature.
DT: Dial ThermometerB
Makeup and/or discharge temperature.
FCL: Filter Change LightB
Warning light activates when water filter element needs changing.
FM: Flow MeterB
Indicates water flow in gpm or lpm.
HPG: Head Pressure Gauge
Analog or digital refrigerant gauge.
HT: High Temperature Interlock
Warning set off when chiller temperature exceeds set high temperature, signifying refrigeration failure.
LF: Low Flow InterlockB
Warning signal triggered upon low flow signifying pump failure.
LL: Low Level Interlock
Float switch in tank activates a warning light if coolant level drops below safe limit.
LP: Low Pressure InterlockB
Warning signal triggered upon low pressure; signifying pump failure.
LT: Low Temperature Interlock
In-line sensor sets off warning when chiller temperature
falls below set low temperature.
PG: Pressure GaugeB
Return and/or discharge water pressure.
PM: Phase MonitorB
Protection from under or over voltage, phase loss or reversal and short cycling automatic reset included.
OPG: Oil Pressure Gauge
Analog or digital on semi-hermetic compressors only.
SPG: Suction Pressure Gauge
Analog or digital refrigerant gauge.
UVML: UV Sterilizer Monitor LightB
Light indicates in-line UV sterilizer requires maintenance.
TEMPERATURE RANGE (Learn more about heater/chiller options)
BHC: Bath Coil  Heater/ChillerP
Extremely wide range heater/chiller. Ideal for cooling fluids at high temperatures. Example: Heat up a device to optimum process temperature, then cool it to maintain that temperature during the process.
H/C: Heat Or CoolP
Switch instantly from hot to cold and back. Example: Heat up work piece for vacuum coating then quickly cool it down for handling. Example: Product testing with quick and extreme coolant temperature changes.
ILH: In-Line Heater
Heat liquids to optimum temperature automatically. Specify heater KW and temperature range.
L: Low TemperatureP
Chill water down to 34°F (1°C) or antifreeze liquids down to 0°F (-18°C).
MHC: Mixed Hot & ColdP
Complete dial-a-temp control over a wide temperature range. Outlet temperature will follow the set point control up or down as it is changed. Example: Ramp heating and cooling of electronic components for precise computer-monitored testing.
Options listed above are available for both Medical and Process Liquid Chillers unless otherwise indicated.
(P) For process chillers only
(B) Popular bakery options
Filtrine’s chiller accessories include:
QCP and QCP ASX Models: Quick Connect PanelM
(Designed to work with Filtrine medical equipment chillers – indoor installation only). Learn more.
AAV: Auto Air Vent
Automatically vents air from system.
AF: Auto Fill
On closed-loop chillers, float switch senses liquid level in tank and activates solenoid valve on makeup line to keep tank full.
BD: Batch DrawP/B
Stainless steel cooling tank automatically fills with water, which is constantly agitated and chilled to as cold as 34°F (1.1°C). When water is drawn off, a solenoid valve shuts off the makeup water preventing the mixing of warm and chilled water and insuring a uniform batch temperature from first drop to last.
ILD: In-Line Deionizer
Installed in-line; specify requirements.
ILF: In-Line FilterB
Removes sediment from makeup water and/or from water in circulating loop. Filter elements available with rating of 1 to 75 microns.
ILS: In-Line SterilizerB
UV sterilizer installed in makeup line and/or recirculating line to kill bacteria and other waterborne microorganisms.
LCI: Liquid Coolant Interchanger
Shell-in-tube or plate-type heat exchanger to cool corrosive, viscous or high temperature liquids.
OCO: Other Coolant Interchanger Option (Learn more)
Designed for cooling high temperature, dirty or oil based fluids. A double circuit configuration sends water (or glycol) to be chilled using Filtrine‘s storage tank. The cooled water  is then circulated through a water-to-liquid heat exchanger permitting a closer temperature differential to avoid fouling. The heat exchanger is available as a cleanable type that won‘t contaminate the refrigeration system.
PRV: Pressure Relief Bypass
Release excess pressure from pump discharge back to return line.
PS: Pure System
For deionized water or other liquids that cannot come into contact with copper or brass. Evaporator fabricated from type 304 stainless steel with polypropylene piping and fittings. Type 316 stainless steel also available for salt water or acids.
Options listed above are available for both Medical and Process Liquid Chillers unless otherwise indicated.
(B) Popular bakery options
(P) For process chillers only
(M) For medical chillers only
Filtrine’s chiller cabinet design choices include:
ADJ: Adjustable LegsB
Stainless steel legs adjustable from 6″ to 8″.
LH: Lifting Hooks
For lifting with a crane. Ideal for loading chiller onto ship or high platform.
LP: Low Profile
Reduced height available on many models (consult factory).
RC: Rubber CastersB
Rubber casters for complete mobility.
Special Paints and Custom  Colors
Available to match any space.
SSC: Stainless Steel CabinetB
Cabinet exterior constructed of stainless steel.
SSD: Space Saving Design
Smaller footprint available on many designs (consult factory) – not available on weather-resistant models.
Vibration Pads
Neoprene pads in rugged, cast iron casings mounted under channel skids.
Options listed above are available for both Medical and Process Liquid Chillers unless otherwise indicated.
(B) Popular bakery options
(P) For process chillers only
Filtrine’s chiller options for special conditions:
CF: Copper Fin Condenser
Condensers supplied with copper fins instead of aluminum to prevent corrosion from salt spray or chemicals in the air.
DPD: Dust Proof Design
Air filter on intake to condenser.
EC: Epoxy Coating
Helps to protect the condenser in a marine/ salt atmosphere.
N12: NEMA 12 Enclosure
Oil tight NEMA 12 external electrical enclosures.
OSP: Pre-Approved For OSHPD Special Seismic Certification (Learn more)
By the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development Facilities Development Division for specific closed loop chiller models
SP: Sound Proof Design
Acoustical insulation on all panels to reduce noise.
WP: Weather-Resistant
For outdoor installation in most climates. Standard weather-resistant is sufficient for ambients between -20°F (-29°C) and 100°F (38°C). For higher ambients see HA under Compressors/Condensers under Options. For lower ambients, consult factory. (The bakery chiller can be designed to be washed down with water.)
XP: Explosion Proof
All motors, wiring and controls rated for Class 1, Group D, Division 1, explosive environment. Groups B and C available on some models. Learn more…