Each Filtrine Chiller with OCO is Customized to Your Process Application

OCO Chiller Features

Close Temperature ControlCoolant kept to a constant temperature without wasting city water
Cooling of High Temperature CoolantsNo overloading of the refrigeration system
Higher Efficiency and Closer TolerancesFor many machine tool applications
Cleanable Heat Exchanger (Optional)Handles contaminated/unclean fluids
Double Circuit DesignEliminates refrigeration system contamination

Add an OCO Option to Your Filtrine Chiller PCP, POC or PC Model

Filtrine Other Coolant Interchanger Option

OCO Interchanger Option

Featuring a double circuit design that uses plain water (or glycol solution) as the cooling medium, water is chilled through a Filtrine cooling tank and then circulated through a water-to-liquid heat exchanger. This permits a closer temperature differential across the heat exchanger than is possible with direct refrigerant (DX) designs and avoids the fouling from oil-based or viscous liquids.

The OCO option allows for higher temperature cooling since the water acts as a buffer between the hot fluid and the chiller’s evaporator. The heat exchanger is available as a cleanable type without any possibility of contaminating the refrigeration system.