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The Bahamas; California: Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Temecula; Florida: Miami, Palm Beach; Baltimore, MD; Kansas City, MO; Las Vegas, NV; Brooklyn, NY; Virginia Beach, VA


Hotels entice prospective visitors with beautiful décor. Their lobbies welcome weary travelers by giving a good first impression. Other public areas such as spas or fitness centers match the rest of the interior design theme. The hotel needs to stand out in a very competitive field with independents and chains fighting for market share. A key fixture is a drinking water fountain or a bottle filling station where thirsty patrons can get a drink of water or fill their water bottle.


Filtrine offers a wide range of drinking water fountain models, materials and finishes that can be easily customized to fit any interior. Bronze is a popular material in hotels with satin, statuary or oil-rubbed finish options. Any Filtrine fountain can be made ADA Compliant or vandal proof. The bottle filling stations can have cup dispensers and disposal bins added. Filtrine electric water coolers are specified if chilling and purifying drinking water are important, or remote chiller/purifiers can be installed apart from the fountain for a different look.

The mid-west 21C Museum Hotel chain designers tapped Filtrine’s customization capabilities. Their newest hotel is the redevelopment of downtown Kansas City’s historic Savoy Hotel and Grill. The founders, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, combine preservation and an interest in contemporary art with the goal of revitalizing inner cities. They also believe “Old looks better in the presence of new.” The architects contacted Filtrine and specified a Model 107-16-HL non-recessed drinking fountain in satin finish bronze. They liked it so much; they ordered a Model B103-C2 bottle filling station with two cup dispensers. It was made of stainless steel and painted with neutral grey-brown powder coat paint in RAL 8019. The powder coat paint option makes it easy for an architect or interior designer to match the hotel interior since they can select from an infinite amount of colors. See The Guide to Filtrine Fountain Finishes for more information.

Other hotels across the US and overseas have taken advantage of Filtrine’s drinking water dispensing customization. The list below shows the wide variety of models and finishes that have been specified:

Filtrine Drinking Fountain Models in Hotel Lobbies, Spas and Fitness Centers

HotelLocationFiltrine Drinking Fountain Model #TypeMaterialFinishOptions
21C Museum Hotel*Kansas City, MO107-16-HLDual drinking fountainBronzeSatin     
  B103-C2Water bottle filling stationStainless steelSatin    Two cup dispensers
Baha MarThe BahamasFC-B103-HLDual water bottle filling stationsStainless steelSatin    Chiller / purifier
Cosmopolitan of Las VegasLas Vegas, NVB103-CD4-TMP1-IWWater bottle filling stationStainless steelMirror    4 cup dispenser / disposal / purifier
Marriott AC Hotel IrvineIrvine, CAM-3-DIADrop in drinking water chiller / dispenserStainless steelSatin    Bottle filler
Pechanga Resort Casino HotelTemecula, CAFCC-107-16-HLDual drinking fountainBronzeSatin    Chiller / purifier
Sagamore PendryBaltimore, MDB103-107-16Combination water bottle filling station/drinking fountainBronzeStatuaryAccess panel
Spa of CosmopolitanLas Vegas, NVB103-CD4Water bottle filling stationStainless steelMirror4 cup dispenser       
The BreakersPalm Beach, FLFC-B103Water bottle filling station  Stainless steelSatin    Chiller / purifier
  B103-CD2Water bottle filling stationStainless steelPowder coatTwo cup dispensers / disposal
The CavalierVirginia Beach, VA107-14-HLDual drinking fountainBronze    Statuary 
The Miami Beach EditionMiami, FL107-14-HHLTriple drinking fountainStainless steelSatinNo cover plate
The Westgate HotelSan Diego, CA107-16-HL-VPDual drinking fountainStainless steelSatinVandal proof
V3 Hotels*Brooklyn, NYES-2-RF-IWDrinking water remote chiller   
  B103Water bottle filling stationStainless steelSatin 
W South Beach HotelMiami, FL125-CPPedestal drinking fountainBronze    Satin 
Westin Bonaventure HotelLos Angeles, CA107-14-HL-GF-TMPDual drinking fountainStainless steelSatinBottle filler

*Under construction

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