Filtrine 107-14-HHL High/High/Low Drinking Fountain

Wall-Mounted, Triple Bowl


Filtrine’s Model 107-14-HHL high/high/low tri-level wall-mounted drinking water fountain features a ADA compliant design. Made in your choice of 16 gauge stainless steel or bronze, with 14 gauge support arms. Based on Filtrine’s popular 107-14-HL model, this model has an additional drinking bowl for more capacity so is particularly suited for high-traffic locations.  A typical installation would be on a campus, in a convention center or an airport. Durable and beautiful, these fountains are available in a wide range of finishes and options including "Hands Free".

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Stainless Steel Finishes

Bronze Finishes


The Model 107-14-HHL is a wall-mounted triple bowl drinking water fountain. The 14” diameter 16 ga. round bowls each have an integral drain. Overall fountain height is 3-1/4”. The hand-polished bronze finish comes in either #4 Satin (standard), or in #8 Mirror or Oil-Rubbed or Statuary Bronze. The hand-polished stainless steel drinking fountain and cover plate can be finished in your choice of either #4 Satin (standard), or #8 Mirror. The copper/brass waterways are 100% lead-free—NO PLASTIC TUBING/CONNECTORS ARE USED. 

Filtrine’s 107-14-HHL fountain  meets or exceeds ADA requirements for spout height, spout location, controls and clearances as specified in the Federal Register.


Receptor: 14” diameter with 1/8” radius rolled edge and concealed seam — in 16 gauge

Underbowl: Raised from support arm by 1/2” collar to provide an aesthetically pleasing profile

Support Arm: 4-3/8” wide by 2-5/8” high — in 14 gauge

Mounting Plate: 1/4” steel plate, 47-1/2″W x 15-1/2″H (or 19-1/2″H with optional bottle filler), and 3/8” steel tongues projecting into support arms

Cover Plate: 16 ga stainless steel or bronze, 48″W x 3/8″D x 16″H (or 21″H with the optional bottle filler), and fits over mounting plate, secured by fountain arms

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