Fountains/Bottle Filling Stations are a Dramatic and Functional Feature at Equinox and SoulCycle




Throughout the US


High water consumption is inevitable in any fitness center. Multiple classes being held at the same time results in drinking water equipment being heavily taxed during “peak demand” times (i.e. when one class gets out and another starts). If water is not supplied on site, the facility will be drowning in a sea of disposable plastic bottles. Equinox fitness clubs were some of the first to start specifying Filtrine chillers, fountains, and bottle fillers in their facilities to ensure all of their members had access to great-tasting chilled water.

Shortly after merging with Equinox, another high end gym chain, SoulCycle, added Filtrine equipment to their base design before adding a significant number of new locations on the West Coast.


Working with the Equinox/SoulCycle teams, Filtrine proposed two Model B103 water bottle filling stations with two free standing Model ES-2-RF-FS (no pump) chiller/purifiers for a New York City location. The bottle filling stations were the first to sport the new “SoulCycle White” powder-coated exterior, contrasting with the stainless steel interior and “filtered water” in gray above the bottle filler. 

The next New York location received a Model FCC-B103 bottle filling station combination bottle filler/chiller/purifier. For the California locations, the team decided on the Model FC-90MOD-HL combination drinking fountains/bottle fillers and the Model FC-B103 water bottle filling stations with a chiller and purifier. The “Soulcycle White” powder-coating and design of these fixtures supports the unique aesthetics of SoulCycle’s fitness brand and contributes to a clean modern look. Both the FC and FCC models include the Filtrine Taste Master® purifier for better tasting water.

Additionally the Filtrine drinking water chillers feature two gallons of stored, chilled water available at all times. While the industry standard calls for much less storage, it was important to SoulCycle to have enough capacity to satisfy their gym members’ needs.

Filtrine Equipment Used:

Filtrine’s Model B103 water bottle filling stations, ES-2-RF-FS (no pump) free standing chillers, FCC-B103 combination bottle filling station/chiller (with fan)/purifiers, FC-B103 combination bottle filling station/chiller (no fan)/purifiers, FC-90MOD-HL dual drinking water fountains, 90MOD-WC single wheelchair accessible drinking water fountains

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