Filtrine INDESTRUCT MFS-100 Mobile Drinking Water Filling Station

Dispenses Cool Water in Hot Climates


Filtrine's INDESTRUCT Mobile Drinking Water Filling Stations bring vital drinking water wherever needed. They have become the drinking water delivery of choice for the US military. In locations where both ambient and inlet water temperatures often exceed 115°F [45°C] or drop below 0°F [-18°C], it is important to have a large reservoir available.

To help with another challenge, drinking water purification, Filtrine's two-stage process is comprised of a spun poly Particulate pre-filter and the carbon block element Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier. Sediment, organic odors/tastes and chlorine odor/taste are removed up to a 0.5 micron rating.

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Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

There is only one finish available at this time. Contact for more information.


The Model MFS-100 has a large storage tank that allows for an abundant gpm flow rate of 59°F [15°C] water during peak demand. The cooling tank comes in standard #304 or optional #316 stainless steel. Persons served is based on 12 oz [.35 ltr] per person per hour.

Choose between a high ambient and a low ambient option. The over-sized condenser for high ambient units never overloads in high ambient temperatures. The large fan keeps unit running efficiently in 120°F [49°C] temperatures. In low ambient units, the heating elements on internal components never freeze up. They keep the unit running efficiently down to 0°F [-18°C] temperatures. Stainless steel water filter/purifier housings are constructed of #304 stainless steel and the elements are serviceable without tools for quick, easy maintenance.


Pre-Filter: Particulate water filter

Purifier: Optional Taste Master water purifier

Jug Fillers: Four heavy duty chrome self-closing faucet style

Standard Features: Refrigeration system is thermostatically controlled and includes dehydrator, vibration isolators, low temperature control, high-low pressure control all mounted on rail-type vibration eliminators with necessary wiring for automatic operation

Compressor Motor (HP) : 3

Cooling Capacity: 72 gph [272 lph] (Recovery 100°F to 50°F)

Persons Served: 768

Supply Power: Diesel or electric power options can be made self-sufficient with an on-board generator, or electrical models can hook up to a power supply

Tank Capacity (Gal): 100

Cabinet: Welded angle iron frame and a heavy duty 16 ga stainless steel shed roof and side panel

Cabinet Dimensions (in): 84W x 52D x 60H

Channels: 2″ x 3″ channels for mounting on truck or trailer (supplied by others)

Shipping Weight (lbs): 2500

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