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Chiller Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 2
Shell Oil was looking for a safe solution to welding new pipes together on old oil rigs while the rig was in operation. The concern was that the heat and flame of the welding tools could cause an explosion. ...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 7
For over 110 years, Filtrine has been committed to building quality equipment in the US. ...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 6
Filtrine has a long history of collaborating with architects, starting with the development of the first stainless steel drinking fountain. ...More
Chiller Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 1
A modular medical building manufacturer based in Florida, RAD Technology Medical Systems, contacted Filtrine to see if they could manufacture a custom chiller that would cool cancer treatment equipment consistently along with...More