How an Architect Worked with Filtrine to Develop the First Stainless Drinking Fountain

Before the stainless steel drinking fountains with non-recessed drinking water bowls that are most popular today, the standard drinking fountain was porcelain and semi-recessed in the wall. The fixtures were common in grade schools built before 1960 and were often a drinking fountain/spittoon combination made from white porcelain.

Filtrine Model 107-16 drinking fountain

Filtrine’s first architecturally designed stainless steel drinking fountain, the Model 107-16. Still popular today. “Hands Free” operation is available.

At some point during the late 1950’s, or early 1960’s, an architect named Minoru Yamasaki (who was famous for designing the World Trade Center in New York City and is widely considered one of the most prominent architects of the 20th century) came to Filtrine’s manufacturing facility in Waldwick, New Jersey. Yamasaki was not satisfied with the current drinking water fountains on the market, and didn’t want to “ruin” the aesthetics of his interior with an ugly, utilitarian drinking fountain. John Hansel, Filtrine’s President at the time, gave Mr. Yamasaki a tour of the Filtrine plant. After seeing the operation, Yamasaki took a pen to a piece of shop paper and sketched out a bowl. He wanted the fountains in his new building to resemble Aladdin’s lamp. John Hansel and he continued to collaborate on the design, eventually settling on a stainless steel drinking fountain that became the Filtrine Model 107-16. Since the Yamasaki/Filtrine collaboration, and aided by evolving ADA requirements, the non-recessed bowl-style drinking water fountain made from stainless steel has become the most popular drinking fountain in the US, and stands as a testament to the importance of architect/manufacturer collaboration and creativity in design. 

Filtrine offers stainless steel drinking water fountains in a variety of finishes including satin and mirror, and bronze fountains in satin, mirror, statuary and oil-rubbed bronze. Any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless.

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Filtrine Model B103 Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine’s sleek in-wall drinking water bottle filler station (also know as a hydration station, Model B103 (available in stainless steel in any color or in bronze in a variety of finishes), is a long-lasting, durable water dispenser that be touchless. This sustainable “green” alternative to traditional drinking fountains discourages the use of disposable water bottles, and can be located almost anywhere inside your building. Specifications…

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