Why We Did It

The goal of our new site is to be much more user friendly and to make it easier for visitors to quickly find the products they are looking for. This redesign includes some important changes and features that may take a bit of getting used to, but will help our customers find our website more quickly and navigate to the information they’re seeking. It’s also mobile and search engine friendly.

What’s New

Filtrine Homepage

As in the old site, we offer easy ways to access each division. Here are some tips to finding the product you are looking for quickly.

  1. To see all the products offered by Filtrine: Click on CHILLER SYSTEMS or DRINKING WATER SOLUTIONS in the main nav to the right of the Filtrine logo. This will bring you to a Product Grid page displaying the images of Filtrine chillers and drinking water equipment. Note that while the water filtration product pages are focused on drinking water, they also pertain to the Filtrine ingredient chillers.
  2. The mega menu: When you mouse over the main nav, you see products that are sorted by Features such as “Energy Saving” for the Chiller division or “ADA Compliant” for the Drinking Water division.
  3. Filtrine products by application: Click on the application icons underneath the top two images. For more details, see Process Chillers Applications and Drinking Water Solutions Applications toward the bottom of the page.
  4. Featured Products section: These two boxes, one for each division highlight new designs or models that are popular with Filtrine customers.

Other Highlights

  1. Product Selector box: After selecting a chiller product grid page, you can filter the models by Product, Features, Medical Brands and Applications to find the model that most closely matches your requirements. For drinking water equipment, use the selector box to see equipment filtered by Product, Style, Extreme Environment, Features and Applications.
  2. New Product Support page: Tips on how to get Filtrine service questions answered quickly. Its companion page is Product Identification which helps Filtrine customers figure out if they own a process chiller or a drinking water chiller.
  3. Resources: This page shows all the specification sheets and marketing brochures for both chiller and drinking water models.
  4. Case Studies: The section, previously called “Project Profiles”, describes real world installations for both chillers and drinking water equipment.