Radically Rural began as a collaboration between the Keene Sentinel and the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship. Radically Rural celebrates the creativity and innovation of communities striving to maintain their rural identities. Local leaders and community members gather to discuss challenges as well as solutions. Since its birth, it has grown to include registrants from across the country. The topics are as diverse as the participants and cover a range of topics, including tracks in clean energy, entrepreneurship and community health. The conversations inspire new ideas and help build connections between stakeholders whose paths may not otherwise cross.

Filtrine was proud to sponsor the 2023 Summit. Filtrine had the opportunity to share the story of its move from the city to rural New England in 2023 Issue of The Business Journal.

Filtrine Goes Rural: Celebrating 50 years of manufacturing in the Monadnock Region

“The partnership between Harrisville and Filtrine was rooted in a shared appreciation for rural community, the natural environment, innovation, and historic preservation. While Filtrine moved out of Harrisville in 1999, they remain proud of the part they played in the story of Harrisville’s historic “factory under the elms.”  Filtrine Manufacturing Company, now located in Keene, remains committed to environmental stewardship, its workforce, and the Monadnock Region.”

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