Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
Do you like to work with your hands?
• Do you enjoy learning every day?
• Do you want to feel pride in what you make?
• Do you want to be part of a supportive team?
• Are you looking for a stable work environment where you can grow your skills?
• Do you want full-time benefits?

Thomasnet says manufacturing jobs “are often interesting and innovative, varying from robotics and machining to nanotechnology. They affect all phases of our current and future economy. Their development is necessary, as we compete in the global marketplace. Manufacturing transforms ideas into products for the present and future. It improves lives for everyone.” Plus there is the satisfaction of seeing your work completed and heading out the door to a waiting customer.

Filtrine employees agree. An executive from the front office once said, “I never get bored here. There is always a new challenge from our customers to build something for their specific application.” One example is a water bottle filling station Filtrine designed to work in a high speed train in California. While the project was put on hold, the unit is ready to be built if the project does come back to life.

Filtrine has a history of building products that contribute to people’s health. An employee in production said that he was proud to work for a company that builds mobile water bottle filling stations (INDESTRUCT Model MFS) to hydrate the US military in hot desert climates. Learn more by reading Filtrine INDESTRUCT Mobile Bottle Fillers Hydrate the Military.

Filtrine relies on people with diverse skills and an interest in working together to build drinking water equipment including water purification and chiller systems. The chillers cool different processes including medical equipment for diagnostics or cancer treatment, to NASA space suits. The refrigeration lead said, “there is a lot to learn every day. In other places there is a lot of mechanization but not here. The people do the work.” The insert chiller lead said his job is “is interesting, always a challenge. … figuring out what’s wrong and how to do something better.” The utility work leader who runs the tank fabrication department said, “I have pretty much done everything since I’ve been here for over 20 years now. For welding you just need a good attitude and be willing to learn. …We teach pretty much everything in house.” Watch the videos on the Filtrine Careers page to hear the interviews.

The bottom line is that if you have answered yes to all the questions above, you can find a fulfilling career in manufacturing at Filtrine. Interested? Learn more and apply for a job at Filtrine today.