Filtrine hand-builds every drinking water fixture to order, so we encourage specifiers to get creative with special features (water bottle fillers, chillers, purifiers, combinations, etc.) and a wide selection of finish options.

Filtrine’s material options are unique in that the fixture is actually constructed of the finish material (stainless steel, bronze, marble, or Corian™). These finish options offer an elegant and durable finish that cannot be replicated with plating or powder-coat. Satin bronze, statuary bronze, mirrored bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze are the most common of these finish types, and can be easily selected on any fixture cut sheet. Filtrine constantly reviews materials to offer unique drinking water solutions. Currently the engineers are investigating building a wooden drinking water fountain.

Filtrine Model 107-16-HL Mirror Bronze

Filtrine Model 107-16-HL drinking fountain in mirror bronze can be found at athletic clothier and is ADA Compliant.

Filtrine’s powder-coated options are very popular and enable a designer to match any color. Using a powder-coated finish, you can either blend the water fountain, cover plate or filling station into a wall (almost hiding it), or create a focal point by using a bright, contrasting color. Either way, these unlimited options enable the architect or specifier to realize their vision and produce a modern interior design that matches the theme of their building plan.

As an added benefit of Filtrine’s powder-coated finishes, the powder-coated components can be easily and inexpensively switched out (similar, in concept, to changing the cover on a cell phone). This way, retailers and businesses can follow the most current color trends for years to come.

Filtrine’s drinking water fountain engineering bulletins show the powder-coat option that can be “checked off”. When specifying, it is usually helpful to include a statement similar to “Required Option: fixture to include factory applied powder-coated finish to match [insert color selection]”.

A well-known athletic clothier takes full advantage of Filtrine’s drinking water model options in their retail outlets. Each store has a unique interior design, using either non-recessed fountains (Filtrine Model 107-16-HL in bronze shown in the photo) or Model B103 bottle filling stations..

To turn a drinking fountain into an electric water cooler, see Filtrine’s Model FC (no fan chiller) or Model FCC (fan chiller) models shown on the individual model pages.

For more information on customizing drinking fountains or bottle filling stations, please fill out the contact form or call your local representative.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Model 107-16-HL-VP in white-stainless

If you are looking for a vandal-proof drinking water fountain with bottle filler, Filtrine’s Model 107-16-HL-VP offers multiple tamper proof features. The bubbler heads and “Soft Touch” valves are built with set screws to discourage tampering. The 14 ga stainless steel bottle filler is mounted on 3/8″ steel arm above the low fountain with a bottom plate secured with “snake eye” screws. A typical installation would be in a hospital, school or any other institution. (Photo shows drinking fountain with white powder coat and satin stainless finish.) Specifications…

For more information on any of these models, contact your Filtrine Representative today.

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