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Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 14
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) members believe their “temple is a peaceful, sacred place, set apart from the cares and turmoil of the world. All areas of the temple are beautifully and carefully maintained to preserve a spirit of reverence.” ...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 13
School districts around the country are relooking at how to dispense clean drinking water to students and staff. Using bottled water is not sustainable since disposing of the bottles and the storage needed has become too expensive. ...More
Chiller Solutions Update ~ Vol. 1 Edition 5
Chilling a process whether medical or industrial often means the use of refrigerants. A refrigeration system is a closed loop circuit in which fluid, ...More
Drinking Water Solutions Update ~ Vol. 2 Edition 13
Drinking water is an important feature in any building design. In psychiatric facilities, patient safety is of the highest concern, and something as simple as a drinking fountain needs to take that into consideration.More