What Would You to Like to See in Drinking Water Equipment

You sit down at your desk. You have a building project in the works and you are beginning your search for drinking water equipment. Your wish list may include…

Architects’ and Engineers Wish List for Drinking Water Equipment

1. Unique custom-designed drinking water fountains that match a specific interior design
2. Energy efficient operations with a single point of access for easy maintenance
3. A central drinking water chiller that serves multiple fountains, and includes start up and service
4. Attractive touchless sensor operated drinking fountains and bottle filling stations to avoid germ transmission

Few drinking water equipment manufacturers can offer all of the above. For over 100 years, Filtrine has focused on developing the best drinking water filtration, chilling and dispensing equipment in the industry. Each fountain and chiller is custom built in the US to Filtrine’s customers’ specifications.
Filtrine’s trademark is its beautiful, non-recessed wall mounted fountains. They come in all different shapes and configurations with ADA standard push button bubbler valves, or bottle fillers. Start with Filtrine’s Designer Fountains for inspiration. Also, Filtrine offers adaptable deck and pedestal fountains. Filtrine’s alcove fountains can be built into the wall to avoid having to widen the corridor to ADA standards. Recessed and semi-recessed fountains are another option for your interior.

Filtrine’s fountains have a timeless grace that makes them a highlight in any interior setting, a feature not just a function. With your imagination and Filtrine’s craftsmanship, there is no limit to the fountains you can create. Filtrine works with stainless steel, bronze, marble, granite, slate, stone, brick, wood, aluminum, glass, Formica®, Corian® and a variety of polymer aggregates. Download Filtrine’s Drinking Water Equipment Catalog to see the variety of models, materials and finishes. Any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless.

When matched with a Filtrine central drinking water chiller/purifier, Filtrine fountains can be the most efficient way to serve “mountain spring fresh” drinking water in your building. These systems can be found in many government and corporate buildings throughout the US and the world, including the Pentagon and Tiffany’s NYC headquarters.

Let Filtrine grant all your drinking water wishes today, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative for more information.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Model B103-107-16 Drinking Fountain

Filtrine’s Model B103-107-16 combines two of Filtrine’s most popular drinking water dispensers in an all-in-one unit, the B103 Water Bottle Filling Station (the original in-wall bottle filler), and the non-recessed 107-16 drinking fountain. Along with promoting “green” practices among building occupants, the bottle filling station/drinking fountain is the sustainable alternative to traditional methods of serving water, and can be located almost anywhere. Specifications…

Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Military Marine Electric Water Cooler

Filtrine’s extreme environment INDESTRUCT Model MLA Marine Water Coolers are “heaviest-duty” and the most rugged water cooler in the industry and are specially designed to withstand corrosive salt water environments. They are built with the most durable materials (18 gauge stainless steel) and components (epoxy coated) to withstand even the most excessive demands of heavy industry. INDESTRUCT marine coolers have become the unit-of-choice for the world’s largest navies and ship builders. Learn more…

For more information on any of these models, contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative today.

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