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Alcove Drinking Water Fountains

Filtrine's Model ALC-C alcove drinking fountains make use of Filtrine's versatile non-recessed fountains, such as Filtrine classic Model 107-16 or Model 107-14, while placing them outside of the corridor. Or consider adding a Model B103 water bottle filler as shown in the ALC-X model. Either way, you can serve drinking water without sacrificing space. In addition, Filtrine alcove drinking water fountains are designed for wheelchair access from either a direct approach or a parallel approach because of their curved design. Many custom options are available with alcove drinking fountains including ADA compliance.

Alcove Fountains

WARRANTY: Filtrine warrants to the original buyer that Filtrine drinking water equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship. The time period is specified in the manual shipped with the equipment.

Craftmanship is paramount at Filtrine. Each employee in production is rigorously trained to adhere to Filtrine’s high manufacturing standards. Shown here: Steve is setting up a piece of sheet metal in Filtrine's Strippit.
Steve setting up sheet metal on the strippit machine