Filtrine ALC-C and ALC-X Alcove Drinking Fountains

Alcove, Filtrine Designer Series, Bronze or Stainless


Filtrine's Model ALC-C alcove drinking fountains in the Filtrine Designer Series Fountain Collection make use of Filtrine's versatile non-recessed fountains, such as Filtrine classic Model 107-16 or Model 107-14, inset into the wall out of way of the corridor. Or consider adding a Model B103 water bottle filling station as shown in the ALC-X drawing in the specification sheet. This is a cost-effective way to convert existing fountains to meet ADA Compliance within a reasonable budget.

Select Your Configuration Options:


Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Bronze Finishes


Each Model ALC-C or ALC_X is constructed with one-piece construction without seams, exposed edges or screws. The 107-16  or 107-14 stainless steel or bronze round bowl has an integral drain. All are available with limitless finish options, and customized logos. Filtrine alcoves are available pre-fabricated for ‘push·in’ installation, or you may fabricate your own on·site. Alcoves can hold any non-recessed Filtrine fountain, see list below.


Receptor: Filtrine Model (107-14, 107-16, 90, or 90MOD) non-recessed fountain bowl or B103 bottle filling station

Mounting Plate: 1/4” steel plate 10-3/4” high for vertical strength, 15-3/4” wide with 3/8”steel tongue projecting into support arm for maximum horizontal stability (107-14 and 107-16 models only)

Standard Features: Semi-circular alcove (depth of 15″ or 18″), semi-hexagonal alcove (depth of 15 or 18″), or double width semi·circular design to hold two fountains (depth of 15″ or 18″)

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