Filtrine Electric Water Coolers Exceed the Competitions’

Architects and engineers are often tasked with selecting electric water coolers for their buildings or building plans, or replacing one during a building renovation. With the wide array of models and companies, what should they look for?
One thing to keep in mind is how long the company has been in business. This is to ensure that a building owner can get replacement parts easily. Another aspect is durability, can the electric water cooler hold up to heavy use or vandalism? Also, will the water cooler save energy and offer easy maintenance along with security? Can it be combined with a drinking water fountain and/or a drinking water bottle filling station (example: FC-107-16-HL-VP or Model FCC-B103)?
Filtrine focuses on designing the equipment for the application, each electric water cooler is hand built and hand finished based on their customers’ specs. Any Filtrine drinking fountain or water bottle filler station can be made touchless.

Key Features

Ten Essential Features Found in Filtrine’s Electric Water Coolers
(FC and FCC models)
1. Storage-type evaporator to meet peak demand
2. Heavy duty 16 and 14 gauge stainless steel construction
3. 2 gallon storage (extra capacity for high demand)
4. No-fan (FC model) static condenser chillers’ panel does not require perforations or grill for a sleeker look
5. Key-locking access panel for easy/secure maintenance
6. 100% metallic waterways (no plastic tubing or connectors)
7. A variety of finishes and colors available to match interior
8. Bronze construction for a completely different look
9. Unlimited customization and many add-ons
10. No logo option

Also Filtrine is family-owned and has been in business for 115 years as a leader in the industry. Filtrine’s equipment is 100% made in USA, with no less than 75% US parts/components, is extremely durable and often outlasts the building that it is installed in.

For more information or to get some advice on what you need for your project, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Model 107-14-HL-VP Drinking Fountain

The vandal proof Filtrine Model 107-14-HL-VP dual drinking water fountain, bottle filler and cover plate combines our classic high/low 107-14 fountain with multiple vandal proof options. Made in your choice of 16 gauge stainless steel or bronze, with 14 gauge support arms, the fountain features seamless double bowls. Durable and practical, these fountains, cover plates and access panels are available in a wide range of finishes and options. Specifications…

Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Mobile Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine’s extreme environment INDESTRUCT Model MFS Mobile Drinking Water Filling Stations bring vital drinking water wherever needed. They have become the drinking water delivery of choice for the US military. In locations where both ambient and inlet water temperatures often exceed 115°F [45°C] or drop below 0°F [-18°C], it is important to have a large reservoir available. INDESTRUCT mobile drinking water filling stations are engineered to handle these high or low temperatures and provide a stand-by reservoir of cool 59°F [15°C] water. Learn more…

For more information on any of these models, contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative today.

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