Hidden Filtrine Remote Chiller/Purifiers Send Tasty Drinking Water to Individual Offices’ Drinking Fountains

For over 40 years, three different teams of architects under the direction of Cesar Pelli tackled an exciting design problem – how to create a modern, innovative multi-use campus in the center of West Hollywood that reflects the creativity of the community. They decided on three uniquely styled buildings, each making a dramatic statement while not detracting from the others. Starting with the “Blue Whale” in 1975, then the Green Building in 1988, the final most dynamic building of all, the Red Building, was completed in 2012.

To complement the stunning architecture, office space and exceptional downtown views, the Red Building design team wanted to provide an interior that would attract the highest-profile tenants. In any high-end interior space, no matter what style is chosen, the designer’s goal is to choose accents which complement the overall design of the building. Rarely if ever, will a chiller or piece of mechanical equipment lend itself to this desired look.

To solve this problem, Filtrine engineers recommended their drinking water remote recirculating chillers to effectively “hide” the chillers and purifiers in designated areas, keeping them out of the public view. This way, the design elements that were important to the interior, such as the floor-to-ceiling windows offering unparalleled views from downtown to the ocean, could remain in focus. This also made chiller maintenance easy, as maintenance staff could service the chiller without having to enter the tenant space, or disrupt their operations. 

The understated, but unmistakably modern bowls of the stainless steel non-recessed Filtrine Model 107-14-HL drinking fountains were a nice complement to the clean lines of the building, avoiding drawing attention away from the simple elegance of the office areas. A Filtrine in-line water purification system at each chiller location also ensured that the building owner was providing the highest quality drinking water to their tenants, which will have a positive effect on their employees’ health and their tenants’ bottom lines, as they will not need to provide disposable bottled water for any building occupants. 

The Red Building architecture team ended up winning the AIA Los Angeles Building Team of the Year Award in 2011. “This award acknowledges the efforts of a variety of entities successfully working together in the formation of a significant contribution to the built environment of Los Angeles. The collaboration must demonstrate success in both design and social impact and must be an inspiration for future collaborations that will enrich the architectural heritage of the city.”

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