Filtrine Water Bottle Filling Stations and Remote Drinking Water Chillers Dot The New School Campus

As a leading university in promoting campus sustainability, it was apparent to The New School leadership that serving good tasting drinking water in their facilities was an important factor in their commitment to their students and the environment. The popularity of disposable bottled water among students and faculty, in addition to the challenges of a campus location in New York City, aggravated existing campus waste and storage problems. This, in addition to the obvious environmental hazards and increased cost of disposable bottled water, motivated the administrators to seek alternatives.

While many drinking water dispensing options were considered, including point of use (POU) counter-top water coolers, The New School contacted Filtrine and ultimately decided to install five of Filtrine’s Model B103 bottle filling stations in 2008. The all stainless steel “low profile” construction, along with the wide variety of drinking water bottle filling station options (also known as Hydration Stations), were contributing factors in their decision to go with Filtrine. While the New School did not select this option, any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless.

In order to promote the use of Filtrine’s water bottle filling stations, they also installed five Filtrine Model ES-2-RF-IW chiller/purifiers (one for each outlet), in discrete “in-wall” locations with access for regular maintenance. In this case, the bottle filling station locations were extremely spread out, so the possibility of using a single central drinking water chiller to dispense water to multiple units was not an option. The Model ES-2-RF-IW non-recirculating in-wall remote chillers/purifiers ensured that the water being served from the bottle filling stations was chilled, safe to drink, and unpleasant tastes and odors (such as chlorine) removed. This produced a water quality that was better than disposable bottled water and helped jump-start the transition to reducing campus waste. 

Since the first installation in 2008, the university has continued to install Filtrine’s water bottle filling stations on every new campus project. They have also taken advantage of Filtrine’s different bottle filling station configurations, including: the Model B103-CD2 cup dispenser and disposal bin; the Model B103-C2-H bottle filler that offers both hot and cold water spouts; and the Model FCC-B103 bottle filling station and chiller/purifier all in one unit. The different models enabled The New School to select a tailor made water bottle filler solution for any campus location whether in the student center, the cafeteria, or a dormitory/residence hall. 

All of this contributes to the campus’s sustainability efforts as they describe on their website, “The university’s sustainability goals include continually striving to improve waste disposal operations, reducing the overall generation of waste, and increasing the proportion of waste that we recycle or otherwise divert from a landfill.” In the Waste Management section under Other Waste Reduction Tips and Facts, they give recommendations on ways to manage resources efficiently and ask the students to bring reusable water bottles to the campus.

If you are interested in serving tasty water sustainably in your building or building project, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Water Purifier Stainless Housing 1

Filtrine’s Taste Master® point-of-use and in-line purifiers are contained in 16 ga. durable long-lasting stainless steel housing. Select from one of the two easy-to-change elements. For a higher level of filtration and removal of lead, the 0.5 micron block element meets NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for removal of sediment particles down to 0.5 microns, organic tastes and colors, chlorine taste and odor, and pathogens. For a standard level of filtration, 5.0 micron block element meets NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for removal of sediment particles down to 5.0 microns, organic tastes and colors, and chlorine taste and odor. For more information, visit Drinking Water Filtration/Purification.

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Filtrine INDESTRUCT Mobile Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine’s extreme environment INDESTRUCT Model MFS Mobile Drinking Water Filling Stations bring vital drinking water wherever needed. They have become the drinking water delivery of choice for the US military. In locations where both ambient and inlet water temperatures often exceed 115°F [45°C] or drop below 0°F [-18°C], it is important to have a large reservoir available. INDESTRUCT mobile drinking water filling stations are engineered to handle these high or low temperatures and provide a stand-by reservoir of cool 59°F [15°C] water. Learn more…

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