Product Websites Need to Be “Clear, Concise, Up-to-date, and Easy to Navigate.”

The American Institute of Architects recently released a new report “The Architect’s Journey to Specifications”. One of their findings was that architects want product websites that are “clear, concise, up-to-date, and easy to navigate.” Architects and engineers are busier than ever, handling multiple projects at a time, meeting a variety of city/state/federal regulations, and have new “green” goals to attain. Filtrine understands this and completely redesigned their website to be more user and mobile friendly. Filtrine also partnered with CADdetails, an online buyer’s guide specifically designed to put products and specifications at architects’ finger tips. Type Filtrine Manufacturing into the search box on the CADdetails home page. Both these resources make it easier for architects and engineers to meet their project deadlines.

Filtrine’s specialty is to design and build drinking water equipment to their customers’ requirements. The redesigned website has many new features to make it easier for specifiers to find the product they need. Visit Filtrine Manufacturing Company has Launched a New Website! for more information on how to navigate the different sections. Each drinking water product has its own profile page, with specifications and model images to assist with selecting options, finishes, and finding the right configuration for their needs. Filtrine Drinking Water Solutions Case Studies outline different challenges and solutions that show the breadth of Filtrine offerings and Filtrine’s capacity to custom design drinking water equipment.

CADdetails is another resource designed to help specifiers be more effective at their jobs. They have presented Filtrine drinking water products in their CADdetails newsletter that is emailed to thousands of architects, designers and engineers. It links to the CADdetails Filtrine microsite where Filtrine drinking water equipment is organized by products, listings, 3D models and projects in an easy to navigate format. In addition, Filtrine drinking water products are found in two special sections, SpecGREEN (see Filtrine Manufacturing Company) and the Project Gallery (see Filtrine Manufacturing Company).

Filtrine has an extensive catalog of options and accessories and can apply others as required. In short, if you don’t see what you need, please ask. For more information or to get some advice on what you need for your project, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine ES-RFC-FS Free Standing Chillers

Filtrine Model ES-RFC-FS free-standing chillers provide chilled, purified drinking water to drinking fountains, bottle filling stations, bubblers, personal container fillers, carafe fillers, coffee machines, ice makers, wherever pure water is desired, including classrooms and patients’ rooms in hospitals. Easy to locate and install at any point within the circulating loop, in a utility closet or basement. Specifications…

Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT IM-4-A and IM-14-A

Filtrine’s INDESTRUCT Model IM electric water coolers are built with the most durable materials and components to withstand even the most excessive demands of heavy industry from shipyards to factories. Select from 16 ga steel panels with enamel or powder coat finish, or 16 ga stainless steel panels with satin or powder coat finish. Models also include: explosion proof, outdoor freeze proof and high ambient. Options include a push button bubbler, gooseneck bottle/glass filler, or a foot activated electronic sensor (for laboratories where cross-contamination is of the utmost importance). Learn more…

For more information on any of these models, contact your Filtrine Representative today.

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