Filtrine 90-WC-HF “Hands Free” Drinking Fountain

Wall-Mounted, Single Fountain, Touchless


The Filtrine Model 90-WC-HF drinking water fountain takes our classic wheel-chair accessible Model 90-WC fountain and utilizes its design to contain a "Hands Free" sensor and its components internally. This allows for the unit to be mounted on any sized wall without the need for a separate cabinet or additional wall depth. The bubbler sensor activates when hand or body comes within range. An optional "Hands Free" gooseneck bottle filler is available with sensor for touchless operation. Filtrine's contemporary stainless construction and sleek profile provides an attractive, durable addition to any interior and allows for easy cleaning. Includes an access panel below for easy maintenance.

♿ ADA Compliant

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The touchless ADA Compliant Model 90-WC-HF is constructed with a one-piece cover plate. The exterior is made without seams, exposed edges or screws. The 12 5/8” X 18″ box shaped base holds a 10 1/2″ 16 ga. round bowl with an integral drain. Overall fountain height of 5-1/2” includes bowl and support arm. The fountain is available with an optional “Hands Free” bottle filler, limitless finish options, permanent “Hands Free” labels, and ability to fit in a standard 4″ wall. The 90-WC-HF includes an access panel for easy plumbing access. 

Filtrine’s 90-WC-HF fountain meets or exceeds ADA requirements for spout height, spout location, controls and clearances as specified in the Federal Register.


Receptor: 18″ x 12 5/8” deck with 10″ bowl, seamless edges, and rectangular front — in 16 gauge

Mounting Plate: 1/4” steel plate, 15-1/2″W x 10-1/2”H

Cover Plate: 16 ga stainless steel or bronze, 16″W x 3/8″D x 11” H and fits over mounting plate, secured by fountain arm

Access Panel: Made of 16 ga stainless steel or bronze, 16″W x 3/8″D x 6″H, and sits below the mounting plate.

“Hands Free” Sensors: Help prevent germ transmission and water waste. Includes sensor, solenoid valve, battery pack, flow-through regulator and circuit board to adjust sensor distance. [4] lithium AA batteries run for approximately 400,000 activation cycles.

Labels: Select from two designs, Hands Free in text or Waving Hand with Sensor. The permanent label adheres to fountain cover plate. See specification sheet for examples.

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