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Melding the Old with New – Filtrine’s Innovative Outdoor Approach to the Popular Model B103 Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine Model B131-CP Historical Dual Bottle Filling Station with Taste Master water purifier

The challenge: how to dispense water in a way that reflects a historical downtown in a small New England city. In Keene’s iconic Central Square in Filtrine’s hometown in Southwestern New Hampshire, there is an old drinking fountain that has reached the end of its useful life.

Connect 2016, Heart of the Start! an event created to recognize local leading firms and entrepreneurs by showcasing their innovations, invited Filtrine to participate. With a history of customization and innovation of drinking water, filtration and chiller equipment, Filtrine accepted the challenge. Inspired by the “artsy” water cube of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District featuring Filtrine drinking fountains and bottle filling stations, Filtrine decided to design a fixture that would complement the surrounding landscape and structures and promote the use of refillable water bottles.

 After looking at old photos of Central Square from the 1800s, Filtrine engineers who were intrigued by the antique “fire call boxes” that once dotted the downtown landscape, worked with Alloy Castings, a family-owned Massachusetts business, to come up with the design. This one-of-a-kind vandal proof dual bottle filling station echoes the style of the antique lampposts and monuments that grace Central Square but provides modern functionality. It uses energy-saving LED lights (optional) and a Filtrine Taste Master® drinking water purifier to promote the use of refillable water bottles and provide refreshing water for Keene’s citizens and visitors. The almost invisible access panel in the pedestal makes for easy maintenance. The model also includes the top mounted call box style light with a sandblasted white, heat resistant globe and cage guard. The new bottle filling station will be installed in Spring of 2017.

The historical water bottle filling station, Model 131-CP, is painted in shiny black fingerprint resistant paint and is available in other colors upon special request. Other options include sensor activation and bottle counter.

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Filtrine Model 103 Fully Recessed Drinking Water Fountain

Filtrine's Model 103 fully recessed drinking fountain series, are designed to be set into the wall. Specifiers have their choice of this round back style recessed fountain or a square back style, the Model 103-ALC. Both come with an access panel below for easy maintenance. Durable and practical, these fountains are available in a wide range of finishes and options. Either fountain can be fitted with an optional goose neck bottle filler, Model CC-161, with push button or Model CC-153 with a lever valve, or the addition of a Taste Master® drinking water purifier in a lockable, in-wall cabinet below the fountain.



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Filtrine INDESTRUCT Explosion Proof Water Cooler

Filtrine INDESTRUCT explosion proof electric water coolers/dispensers are engineered to ensure that no spark will be released from the electrical components of the chiller which could ignite explosive gases present in specified areas. Filtrine uses custom designed enclosures around motors, switches and other electrical components which are connected by special wiring conduits.

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