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Amusement Parks –What to Look For When Specifying an Outdoor Fountain

Filtrine Model BL-105 bowls and bubblers on Disney drinking fountain

Here is a checklist for architects and engineers to follow:

Amusement Park Drinking Water Equipment Checklist
Easy maintenance
Peak demand drinking water chillers


For example, Disney was looking for highly customizable drinking fountains to fit in with its resorts’ multiple themes. Compact drinking water chillers were also required to make sure its visitors stay hydrated in warm climates. The demand for water in high ambient temperatures along with the need to keep up with crowd demand was also important.

In Florida’s Walt Disney World and California’s Disneyland, the engineers selected Filtrine Model N-20 and N-30. These peak demand chillers have a large stored cool water reservoir that allows large groups to drink all the cold drinking water they want. They are compact enough to fit in small spaces behind walls, dog houses and even pits in the ground. Each of them has a quick-disconnect feature which means a unit can be removed and replaced quickly, avoiding inconvenience to the visitors and providing easy maintenance.

 Disney selected a variety of Filtrine drinking fountain models. For instance, the sleek Filtrine Model 107-16 non-recessed drinking fountain in satin finish stainless steel was matched to the Disney Contemporary Resort hotel décor in Florida. For Disney World Liberty Square Market’s colonial look, the designers selected Filtrine Model 107-14 and the Model 107-14-LS long skirt non-recessed satin finished bronze drinking fountains. At the Disney Four Seasons AAA Five Diamond resort, Filtrine’s Model 107-14-HL, dual bowl bronze drinking fountains were specified to work with Filtrine’s Model OCM-2 in-ceiling drinking water chillers with optional Taste Master® water purifiers.

 When Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort were in the planning stages, Disney came back to Filtrine to order both customized stainless steel and bronze drinking fountains and bowls for different areas in both parks, selecting different models. For details, see Filtrine’s Drinking Water Project Profile: Disney Patrons Drink Chiller Water from Filtrine Drinking Fountains.

For more information on drinking fountains designed for amusement parks, please fill out the contact form or call your local representative.


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Filtrine Model B103 Water Bottle Filling Station

Filtrine’s sleek in-wall drinking water bottle filling station, Model B103 (available in stainless steel in any color or in bronze in a variety of finishes), is a long-lasting, durable water dispenser. This sustainable “green” alternative to traditional drinking fountains discourages the use of disposable water bottles, and can be located almost anywhere inside your building.



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Filtrine INDESTRUCT Model WCS 20 HL HC Electric Water Cooler

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