Filtrine Modified a Triple Bowl High/High/Low Drinking Fountain for NYU

When NYU needed to serve drinking water in a high traffic area, it turned to Filtrine because of Filtrine’s unique triple bowl, non-recessed fountain. New York University (NYU), one of the largest private universities in the US, dispenses drinking water to 40,000 students plus staff in 100 buildings throughout New York City and downtown Brooklyn. NYU’s sustainability initiatives include adding water bottle fillers to existing fountains in campus buildings, and specifying water bottle fillers in new fountains. The goal is to cut down on disposable water bottles and promote the use of reusable water containers. 

Since the 1950’s, Filtrine has supplied the university with drinking fountains, remote drinking water chillers, water filtration systems and water bottle filling stations (also known as Hydration Stations) for many of their buildings. Filtrine equipment durability and customization options have provided NYU building designers with flexibility and piece of mind. The most frequently used model on campus has been the non-recessed Filtrine Model 107-16-HL-GF with ADA compliant “Soft Touch” bubbler valves, high/low bowls and gooseneck bottle filler.

Filtrine High/High/Low Drinking Fountains at NYU

In order to fit perfectly, the fountains had to be spaced farther apart. Filtrine modified the Model 107-16-HHL to be three single Model 107-16 stainless steel fountains. The water bottle filler was added over the low bowl.

When NYU needed to increase drinking water capacity in a high traffic area, Filtrine recommended the Model 107-16-HHL-GF with one common cover and mounting plate. In order for the fountain to fit perfectly in the designed location, the fountains had to be spaced farther apart. Filtrine modified the design into three single Model 107-16 non-recessed stainless steel fountains with separate cover and mounting plates. The Model 107-16-GF was placed lower than the other two and a water bottle filler was installed over the bowl. This ensured the highest traffic areas were also capable of filling the many students/staff’s water bottles in between classes. A quadruple bowl installation is also possible but that wasn’t necessary for this application. Any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless.

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