Filtrine Bronze Drinking Fountains /Chillers Provide Cooled/Purified Water at Churches Around the World

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) members believe their “temple is a peaceful, sacred place, set apart from the cares and turmoil of the world. All areas of the temple are beautifully and carefully maintained to preserve a spirit of reverence.” The owners of these temples decided that their drinking water fountains should match the look and feel of their worship spaces. Because they preferred the warm look of bronze, they asked their architects and engineers to specify Filtrine drinking water equipment since Filtrine is the leading manufacturer of bronze drinking fountains in the world. Now you can find Filtrine bronze drinking fountains in LDS temples in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Texas and Utah and in overseas LDS temples in France, Mexico, and Peru.

The next step for LDS was to select the appropriate bronze drinking fountain models for each temple. Fortunately Filtrine has a wide variety of models, finishes and options to suit any space. Satin bronze was the most common finish specified for the temples’ drinking fountains, but for several temples the designers felt the statuary or oil rubbed bronze finish was the most appropriate. They decided on Filtrine’s Model 107-14 bowl design for all the temples and picked both the high-low and single versions. Some interiors lent themselves to matching cover plates and other fountains were mounted behind the wall. 

When LDS looked at the options, there were also lots of choices. If they needed an access panel for access to the plumbing, they asked for the Model 107-14-HL-1205 which includes a hinged door. For the applications that needed a remote drinking water chiller/purifier, they had their choice of six Filtrine free-standing chiller/purifier models. In Chile, the LDS temple needed a Model M-2-CIA which is a non-recirculating cabinet insert chiller that is concealed either in-cabinet or behind the wall. This unit serves one fountain. The Les Chesnay LDS temple in France selected two Model ES-RFC-FS central chiller/purifiers to serve cool filtered water to 13 Filtrine drinking fountains. For the Ogden, Utah LDS temple, they installed the Model ES-100-RCFA air cooled central chiller to serve 20 drinking fountains. Any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless for germ control.

For more information on Filtrine bronze drinking water fountains, see Filtrine Bronze Drinking Fountains and for drinking water chillers, visit Filtrine Drinking Water Remote Chillers/Purifiers Explained.

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