Filtrine Designs Each Drinking Water Chiller to Match the Customer’s Specifications

All Filtrine chillers incorporate a unique storage-type design, which provides ample chilled water for peak use but, by virtue of its design, reduces overall operating costs and increases chiller component longevity. They are supplied with environmentally friendly refrigerant. Some models such as the drinking water in-wall or free-standing chillers come with purifiers. The central drinking water chiller includes a filter/purifier, UV sterilizer, and phosphate feeder. The phosphate feeder (Filtrine Model 2PF) is a granular water treatment in a canister that can be refilled and reused on a scheduled basis. It is used to sweeten water and cut down on plumbing corrosion.

Filtrine drinking water chillers are built with lead-free components according to CA NSF/ANSI 372-2011.

Filtrine Drinking Water Chiller Types at Glance

(Model ES-RFC-IW)
Chiller/purifier in cabinet is accessed by hinged locking plain or louvered door.100-400 people
(Model ES-RFC-FS)
Chiller/purifier in cabinet is mounted in utility closet or mechanical space, has removable access panels on all four sides.100-400 people
Behind Wall
(Model M-BW-A)
Chiller/no purifier in enclosure is low profile with a small footprint.100-1,000 people
(Model OCM)
Chiller/no purifier in enclosure is low profile with a small footprint.100-400 people
Cabinet Insert
(Model M-CIA)
Chiller/no purifier mounts in a custom or food service cabinet.100-700 people
(Model ES-RFC)
Packaged chiller serves multiple outlets installed in a mechanical space or basement, has removable access panels on all four sides. Comes with filter/purifier, UV sterilizer, and phosphate feeder.600-13,000 people

Chiller Sizing Tips

  1. Determine expected building/area population
  2. Decide on the expected piping allowance [total loop]
  3. Round population to the nearest [100] and select the appropriate chiller
  4. Locate the suggested total piping allowance for the selected chiller on the chart
  5. If necessary, reduce population served by 25 people per 50 ft of additional piping and move to a larger capacity chiller model.

Contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative to discuss building the right chiller for your drinking water requirements.