Filtrine 2PF Phosphate Feeder

Controls Lime Scale Formation, Corrosion or Red Iron Staining


2PF Phosphate Feeder is designed to introduce phosphate treatment for controlling lime scale formation, corrosion or red iron staining in water systems. Holds four pounds of phosphate and can treat up to 400 gallons of water per day for corrosion and red iron water and up to 800 gallons per day when lime scale is the problem.


Filtrine’s Model 2PF Phosphate Feeder can handle flow rates up to 10 gpm. No tools are required for recharging and holds up to 64 ounces of phosphate crystals.


Low pressure drop is 2.5 psi at 5 gpm and 6 psi at 10 gpm. Controls corrosion and inhibits leaching of heavy metals such as lead, prevents water line rust and lime scale formation.

Flow Rate: 10 gpm

Overall Dimensions (in): 12H x 3/8D

Water Conn. (In/Out: FPT): 3/8″

Installation Tips:

  • Do not install where pressure is over 125 psi, where water temperature is over 100°F.

Feeder Maintenance:

  • Protect from freezing and hot sun
  • Do not use feeder for other chemicals without approval
  • Maintain proper treatment level

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