Filtrine FCC-B103-107-16-MOD-HF Water Bottle Filling Station/Drinking Fountain

Wall-Mounted, Combination Bottle Filling Station/Single Bowl Drinking Fountain, Purifier, Chiller, Touchless


This unit combines two of Filtrine's most popular water dispensers all in one, the B103 Water Bottle Filling Station (the original in-wall bottle filler), and the non-recessed 107-16 drinking fountain with a Taste Master® drinking water purifier and chiller. Both the filling station and the bubbler are activated by hands free sensors, allowing the user to not worry about germ transmission. Along with promoting “green” practices among building occupants, the bottle filling station/drinking fountain is the sustainable alternative to traditional methods of serving water, and can be located almost anywhere. Unlike competitive products on the market, Filtrine's contemporary stainless construction and sleek profile provides an attractive, durable addition to any interior and allows for easy cleaning. 

♿ ADA Compliant

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Each Model B103 is constructed with a one-piece cover plate and cabinet. The exterior is made without seams, exposed edges or screws. The 107-16 16 ga. 16” diameter stainless steel or bronze round bowl has an integral drain. Overall fountain height of 3-1/4” includes bowl and support arm. Both are available with limitless finish options, customized logos, and ability to fit in a standard 4″ wall. The Taste Master® purifier (secured behind the 16″H locking hinged door) features 0.5 micron element to remove suspended solids, chlorine taste/odors and water-borne pathogens such as cysts. The chiller has a cooling capacity of 6 gph at 50°F [10°C]. Both the filling station and the bubbler are activated by hands free sensors.


Receptor: 16” diameter with seamless double bowl design with welded rim, ground and polished to a finely tapered edge with 1/32” radius in 16 gauge

Underbowl: Raised from support arm by 1/2″ collar

Support Arm: 4-3/8” wide by 2-5/8” high in 14 gauge

Mounting Plate: 1/4” steel plate 19-1/2” high for vertical strength, 19-1/2” wide with 3/8”steel tongue projecting into support arm for maximum horizontal stability

Cover Plate: Made of 16 ga stainless steel or bronze, 20″W x 3/8″D x 28″H, and fits over mounting plate.

Purifier: Taste Master purifier

Chiller: Wall-insert Model 86A chiller with 2 gallons storage, charged with HFO R513A “Ozone Safe – Low GWP” refrigerant

Download CAD Drawings and BIM Models

Visit the Filtrine Model FCC-B103-107-16-MOD-HF CADdetails page to download CAD drawings and BIM models. Drawings include 2D files: DWG, DWF, DXF, GIF, PDF (CAD), VWX. The 3D drawing file is SketchUp.

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