Filtrine 90-HL-TM High/Low Drinking Fountain

Wall-Mounted, Dual Bowl, Purifier


Filtrine’s dramatic Model 90-HL-TM combines the Model 90-HL high/low fountain with a Taste Master purifier. The purifier sits behind a locking wall-box below the fountain which allows for quick access. The Model 90 non-recessed drinking water fountain series sport a distinctive box shape and come in a variety of materials and finishes. The lower bowl has a 18" projection and may be fitted with an optional bottle filler with "Hands Free" sensor or manual operation. Model 90 fountains can be easily customized with a variety of safety and convenience features.

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Fountain Controls, Bottle Fillers, Cover Plates, Tamper-resistant, etc.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Bronze Finishes


The Model 90-HL-TM is a wall-mounted double receptor drinking water fountain. The 12 5/8” width rectangle design holds a 10 1/2″ 16 ga. round bowl with an integral drain. The hand-polished bronze finish comes in either #4 Satin (standard), or in #8 Mirror or Oil-Rubbed or Statuary Bronze. The hand-polished stainless steel drinking fountain and cover plate can be finished in your choice of either #4 Satin (standard), or #8 Mirror. The copper/brass waterways are 100% lead-free—NO PLASTIC TUBING/CONNECTORS ARE USED. The  Filtrine Taste Master® water purifier is located behind the access panel directly below fountain.

Filtrine’s 90-HL-TM fountain  meets or exceeds ADA requirements for spout height, spout location, controls and clearances as specified in the Federal Register.


Receptor: High: 12 5/8” base with 10″ bowl; low: 18″ x 12 5/8″ both with seamless edges, and rectangular base in 16 gauge

Mounting Plate: 1/4” steel plate, 31 1/2″W x 15 1/2″H (or 20 1/2” H with optional water bottle filler).

Cover Plate: 16 ga stainless steel or bronze, 32″W x 3/8″D x 31″H [36″H w/ optional bottle filler], and fits over mounting plate, secured by fountain.

Purifier: Taste Master purifier concealed behind locking “In-Wall” cabinet (swinging key-lock door for purifier access and security).

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