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Filtrine’s Unique Drinking Water System Design Serves Chilled/Purified Water to Millions of Art and Music Lovers Every Year

Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Since construction in the 1950s and 1960s, Lincoln Center in New York City has expanded to thirty indoor and outdoor facilities, eleven resident arts organizations and welcomes 5 million visitors annually. To serve drinking water in many of the buildings surrounding the now famous Lincoln Plaza, architects and engineers specified Filtrine Model ES-100-RFC remote chiller/purifiers to circulate chilled/purified drinking water to Filtrine Model 107-14 drinking fountains, and dining areas.

Completed in 2004, one of Lincoln Center’s newer venues, the Frederick P. Rose Hall located in the mixed-use Time Warner Center just down the road, became the first state-of-the-art performance center specifically designed for jazz performance, education and broadcast. It is one of eleven properties worldwide to win the Urban Land Institute’s Global Award for Excellence in 2005. The architects and engineers ordered the same Filtrine drinking system design of a central remote drinking water chiller and multiple fountains that had been so effective in the other Lincoln Center buildings.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center design staff liked the reliability and the low maintenance of Filtrine’s central drinking water system, but were facing a "broken up" layout in other parts of the building that didn't warrant one central drinking water loop. This configuration required a different solution. Filtrine engineers recommended Filtrine Model ES-6-RFC-IW in-wall chiller/purifiers to serve Filtrine 107-14-HL double bowl drinking fountains. The fountains maintained the modern look of the rest of Lincoln Center and the in-wall recirculating chillers enabled the design staff to extend their service beyond the drinking fountains to a cafe and dining area. Additionally, these in-wall units allowed the chillers to be strategically placed in discrete areas for easy access by maintenance staff and out of the public view.

Filtrine offers a wide variety of remote chillers to serve drinking water to multiple outlets. This makes it easy to design the right drinking water system for your application. For more information or to get some advice on what you need for your project, fill out the contact form or contact your Filtrine Representative.


Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Behind Wall Drinking Water Chiller

Filtrine’s Model M-BW-A Series compact behind-wall drinking water chillers are designed for mounting behind the wall to supply nearby water outlets, saving space in hallways and corridors. Chillers can also be located within an existing closet space. Seven models available to serve from 192 to 1,150 persons per day.  Features include: energy-saving design; low maintenance costs; quick water purifier element replacement; water-cooled condenser option; and easily removed access panels for easy maintenance. 



Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine Model MFS mobile bottle filling chiller

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Model MFS Mobile Bottle Filler Chillers bring vital drinking water wherever its needed in any semi-permanent or mobile application where both ambient and inlet water temperatures often exceed 115°F (45°C) or drop below 0°F (-18°C), and it is important to have a large reservoir of filtered drinking water available to prevent dehydration. Paired with the Filtrine Taste Master purifier, INDESTRUCT mobile chillers are engineered to handle these high (or low) temperatures and provide a stand-by reservoir of cool 59°F (15°C) filtered drinking water. 

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