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Architects and engineers are often tasked with stipulating drinking water fountains in their building plans or replacing one during a building renovation. With the wide array of models and companies, what should they look for in a commercial drinking fountain?

One thing to keep in mind is how long the company has been in business. This is to ensure that a building owner can get replacement parts for their commercial drinking water fountain easily. Another aspect is durability, can the fountain hold up to heavy use or vandalism? Also, will the fountain enhance the décor or detract from the architect’s vision?

Filtrine focuses on designing the equipment for the application, each fountain is hand built and hand finished. Inspired by wood found in New Hampshire and access to some of the finest furniture makers in New England, Filtrine recently created the Model 108-WD drinking water fountain. The 10” diameter bowl is made of bronze and is encircled by cherry wood finished with impermeable tung oil for an overall diameter of 14”. Any Filtrine drinking fountain can be made touchless.

This fountain model joins the Filtrine Designer Collection which also features the Model 107-T (shown in photo above, Model 107-MA and the Filtrine alcove drinking fountain model line.

Filtrine Drinking Fountains vs. the Competition

Filtrine FountainsCompetitors’ Fountains
16 and 14 gauge stainless steel construction (heavy duty)18, 20 and 22 gauge stainless steel construction (light duty, prone to denting)
Integral drain in bowl (ease of cleaning and increased durability)Gasketed drain assembly
(prone to leaks)
Solid bronze fountain modelsNot available
Custom built fountains (flexible design)*Stock models only
Multiple bottle filler options (all stainless parts)Single bottle filler/bubbler model only (contains plastic parts)
No fan chiller models (extra quiet operation)Not available
Chiller/purifier with 2 gallon storage (extra capacity for high demand)Chiller has no storage tank
(limited capacity)
1/4″ steel mounting plate to securely hold fixture to carrier/studsLight-duty galvanized plate (requires conventional fixture carrier)
100% metal bubbler, waterways, and regulatorPlastic bubbler, waterways and regulator (light duty)
Dual width cover plate standard (protects wall from splashing, no seams)Single width cover plate only (visible seams, less structural integrity)
Unlimited finish options availableNot available
No logo optionNot available

* Cup dispenser/disposal bin, fire hose and storage cabinet

Also Filtrine is family-owned and has been in business for 115 years as a leader in the industry. Filtrine’s equipment is 100% made in USA, with no less than 75% US parts/components, is extremely durable and often outlasts the building that it is installed in.

For more information on Filtrine commercial drinking fountains or other drinking water equipment, fill out the Drinking Water Product Request a Quote Form or contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative.

Featured Filtrine Product

Filtrine Water Purifier Stainless Housing 1

Filtrine’s Taste Master® point-of-use and in-line purifiers are contained in 16 ga. durable long-lasting stainless steel housing. Select from one of the two easy-to-change elements. For a higher level of filtration and removal of lead, the 0.5 micron block element meets NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for removal of sediment particles down to 0.5 microns, organic tastes and colors, chlorine taste and odor, and pathogens. For a standard level of filtration, 5.0 micron block element meets NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for removal of sediment particles down to 5.0 microns, organic tastes and colors, and chlorine taste and odor. For more information, visit Drinking Water Filtration/Purification.

Featured INDESTRUCT Product

Filtrine INDESTRUCT Military Marine Electric Water Cooler

Filtrine’s extreme environment INDESTRUCT Model MLA Marine Water Coolers are “heaviest-duty” and the most rugged water cooler in the industry and are specially designed to withstand corrosive salt water environments. They are built with the most durable materials (18 gauge stainless steel) and components (epoxy coated) to withstand even the most excessive demands of heavy industry. INDESTRUCT marine coolers have become the unit-of-choice for the world’s largest navies and ship builders. Learn more…

For more information on any of these models, contact your local Filtrine Drinking Water Representative today.

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