Filtrine Designs Each Chiller to Match the Customer’s Specifications

Filtrine works with equipment manufacturers, owners or engineers to ensure the ingredient chiller will provide the most efficient and effective equipment cooling in a package that also meets the site requirements.

Filtrine’s Unique Ingredient Chiller Design

Filtrine has been providing ingredient chillers such as batch draw chillers, jacketed chillers and combination chillers since the 1940’s for the bakery industry. Filtrine’s unique storage-type chiller design provides consistent 34°F [1.1°C] water without fear of freeze-up for ingredient mixing.

Filtrine batch-draw chillers can also be used for other food processing applications. In addition, contact us about our continuous, stainless steel, coil-in-bath heat exchanger, which is steam cleanable and ideal for cooling viscous foods.

For other applications such as cosmetics and pharmaceutical, Filtrine’s chillers can cool glycol to as low as 10°F [-12°C] for jacketed mixers to control heat generated during the mixing process.

Or choose a Filtrine combination batch draw and jacketed chiller for your application which could save you space and money.

Filtrine ingredient chillers are available in three different configurations:

Filtrine Batch Draw Chiller (PB): Through their unique design and superior construction Filtrine batch draw chillers have become standard throughout the industry for dependable uniformity in ingredient batch draw cooling.

Filtrine Jacketed Chiller for Dough Mixers (PCP-AL): Filtrine’s engineering allows low outlet temperatures. This combined with large storage makes Filtrine chillers the preferred system for cooling a jacketed mixer.

Filtrine Combination Batch Draw/Jacketed Chiller (PBC): The combination batch draw and jacket chiller includes separate cooling circuits, each with its own compressor and individual controls. These circuits can be operated separately when needed.

Download the Filtrine Bakery Guide for details.

Other Ingredient Chiller Options and Accessories

Also consider Filtrine’s popular filters such as the Taste Master® purifier (including lead removal) and in-line Steri-Flo® UV Sterilizer for purifying the water used to make the best-tasting baked goods, other foods and beverages or processes. For more information, visit Water Purification.